In House vs Outsourcing Cleaning: Why You Should Outsource Your Facility's Cleaning

Calmer economic waters have global growth set for reasonable improvements in 2020. It makes sense for organizations to continue to implement cost-cutting measures. This is one way for businesses to retain a competitive edge and position themselves for future investment.Any cashflow benefits from the scrutiny of a company's administration costs and these include such things as office cleaning. Smarter businesses have weighed up in-house vs outsourcing cleaning services and have found on balance that getting professional cleaners to do the work is more cost-effective.

#1 In-house vs Outsourcing - The Human Resources Aspect

Employing cleaners in-house involves the costs of recruitment and hiring. Once hired, the workers need training and managing, as well as protective clothing. All these things cost money which could be diverted to other activities that benefit other employees.Outsourcing cleaning services to the experts gets rid of the need to pay attention to any of the above. All those costly and time-consuming tasks are assumed by the cleaning contractor whose chief focus is on keeping your building and facilities clean. All that businesses need to do is agree on the services they need, and the cleaning service will do the rest.Since OpenWorks operates on a franchise basis, it effectively vets all franchisees and supervises the hiring, training and managing of all cleaners. this means that you do not have to worry about the human resources aspect at all.

#2 Equipment

Outsourcing to an OpenWorks franchisee means that business owners do not have to worry about the purchasing or storage of equipment. This frees up more money in your budget - and more space on your business premises.

#3 Cleaning Products

It is a known fact that most untrained or unsupervised cleaners—the ones who are employed in-house—oftentimes use too much of a particular cleaning product or use it incorrectly. Using too much product is not only wasteful, but it can also be dangerous, as is the case with too much soap on floor surfaces, for example.Keeping track of stocks of cleaning products for in-house cleaners can be a headache, and there is often very little control for what amounts to an out-of-pocket expense.Inappropriate use of cleaning products can end up being costly. For example, using harsh chemicals on soft office furnishing can ruin items of furniture, rugs, and carpeting.By outsourcing to OpenWorks, you get a team who know what products to use for what jobs, and the correct quantity of each product to use.  Because outsourced cleaning companies purchase their cleaning products wholesale and in bulk, they can pass on this cost-saving to you, the client.

#4 Schedules

Cleaning services know exactly how long any given cleaning task takes. Wherever possible, whether the job is large or small, they will employ a team of cleaners to minimize the actual time spent on your premises.  Each member of the team performs specific functions. Cleaning teams know that they have a specific amount of time to complete each task, and they do it within the allotted time.Cleaning services contracts are task-based but will stipulate a set number of hours daily, weekly or monthly. Also, the days and times the cleaning services visit your premises are agreed upon beforehand. Arrangements can be made for these services to be done out of office hours, so that normal business activities are not disrupted.

#5 Responsive and Flexible

A trusted, professional cleaning services company under the OpenWorks banner can offer you one more advantage over in-house cleaning: flexibility.Do you have an important board meeting next month? Or perhaps you're launching a new brand or product or some other public event? In addition to routine cleaning services, OpenWorks is flexible enough to provide extra services before, during and after your big corporate events.Peak seasons and peak times of the week can also be taken into consideration.  Retail stores oftentimes need more cleaning at weekends than during the week, while factories on shut down might need annual deep cleaning. By consulting with OpenWorks and planning what you need, you can ensure everything runs smoothly, with the minimum of fuss.Likewise, should your routine cleaning needs change for any reason, your contract with the outsourced cleaning services can be adjusted accordingly. And you won't have to

#6 Experienced With Niche Cleaning

Outsourcing to cleaning professionals when your premises needs a specific cleaning regimen to be followed makes perfect sense. This is true in the food and beverage and hospitality industries as well as in the healthcare services industry. Wherever compliance with hygiene and safety standards is essential, using an outsourced cleaning services company means you know that the right job has been done at the right time and at the right frequency.It's not just a question of complying with health and safety regulations. There is also the matter of insurance.

#7 Insurance and Peace of Mind

By law, all OpenWorks franchisees have to take out accident insurance. This means that the cleaning company is responsible for accidents caused on your premises as a result of any cleaning service they provide. This is a buffer, and a hedge against the unlikely event of serious bodily injury because someone slipped on a wet floor, say.Our cleaning teams are conscious of the inherent dangers arising from neglect in their work, and take every precaution to ensure the safety of the occupants of your premises. This gives you the kind of peace of mind you need to focus on your core business.

#8 A Cleaning Service Near You

Openworks has franchisees working all across the United States. Our good work has given us a great reputation that has allowed us to expand our operations. This means that no matter where you are, we are bound to be close by.  How easy and convenient is that?

Spic and Span

Why not make a clean start of it in the New Year and stop being indecisive on the in-house vs outsourcing cleaning services question. Contact us today, and let's see how we can best serve your needs.

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