Features OpenWorks CEO on How to Land Big-Name Clients publishes a new article featuring OpenWorks CEO, Eric Roudi, on 4 ways to connect with big name clients!

"The preparation it takes to hunt a big-name customer is more important than the actual cold call or email. Your initial contact with the prospect will set the tone of the relationship. Either you win them over or you make them shy away, all because of a 30-second interaction, so make it a good one."

OpenWorks would not be where it is today without knowing a thing or two about fostering relationships and connecting with big-name clients. Since 1983, Eric has leveraged his expertise in the industry to understand what prospective clients need and look for when it comes to improving their businesses.

Click the link above to learn about how persistence, timing, communication, trustworthiness, and much more, play a critical role in how Eric develops connections and lands big-name clients.Improve your bottom line and learn more about who we work with here.

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