Let’s Talk Tech. A Peek Inside Facility Trends for 2023

2023 is just around the corner! With it, comes 365 new days to transform the way you operate your facility. Whether you’re planning to scale to assist more sites and customers, working to control costs, or looking to alleviate bottlenecks in your business, discover the trending technology that will help guide you into the new year.

1. Smart Sustainability

Various types of chargers, timers, and trackers are available to help you best track your gas, electricity, and water use. Find dripping faucets and leaks, have lights turn on and off at set times, and get the most for your budget - all while reaching your 2023 sustainability goals easier than ever. Many of these pieces of tech are under $100 and have rebates available, so be sure to check with your city, county, or state to see how you can save even more.

2. Online Inventory Management Software

As a facility management owner, you have a lot to think about - especially supply chain issues delaying the delivery of essential cleaning supplies. Inventory software makes it easy to use your historical shopping habits to automatically schedule product restock orders ahead of time and be notified of shipping delays before it’s too late. Look for more and more companies creating a hub where you can purchase preferred products, from detergents to tools. OpenWorks offers thousands of supply items and plans to launch a new fulfillment portal in February 2023!

3. Managing Maintenance Requests with a CMMS

Don’t let a creaky door or clogged gutter get lost in your email inbox. Easily prioritize and communicate with your tenants through a computerized maintenance management system that allows tenants to submit maintenance requests. Whether you’re ready to get started on a request and need the OK to enter their office or need to communicate a specialized approval prior to getting started, these systems keep requests organized so you can focus on the task (or tasks) at hand. If you’re an OpenWorks customer, the OpenWorks customer portal provides one location for all facility service needs.

4. Get Ready for Return-to-Office with Proper Ventilation

Employees are heading back to the office in droves, some full-time, some part-time and some are still staying fully remote. Ease concerns for the transition by providing a clean, comforting atmosphere for them to come back to with smart air filtration and ventilation systems. Many of these systems include sensors that will track air quality over time and even adapt to seasonal allergens.

5. ERP Software for Total Quality Assurance and Transparency

It can be especially frustrating for business partners on either side to not have complete transparency into the bigger picture of a job, if the goals of the job were met, and the reason the job is being completed in the first place. Enterprise Resource Planning is often done in real-time and runs on data. Look for more facilities management companies to implement an ERP for both vendors and customers. No more guessing if and when work has been done. You’ll be able to see it!

6. Robotics on the Rise

Not just science fiction, robotic devices that roam hallways are a reality. In 2023 look for robots that can consistently clean and disinfect floors and surfaces, as well as vacuum carpeted areas. Robotic cleaners can give human workers more time for detailed work or work that requires human knowledge and know-how. With buildings growing in square footage, robotic assistance can keep open spaces clean and fresh while customers enjoy a freshly cleaned floor every hour on the hour. Here at OpenWorks, service providers can purchase or lease robots for their customers! Check out the Ice Cobotics line of Cobi and The Whiz.

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