What to look for in a cleaning/facility services company.

Choosing a commercial cleaning company is not an easy decision. However, by doing the right research and asking the right questions, you can find yourself in partnership with a company that can tailor itself to your janitorial needs for years and years to come. Here are 10 simple questions to keep in your back pocket while researching for your future cleaning company. How many years has the company been in business?• The number of years can tell you a lot about a company. • Experience matters, and experienced companies are better at what they do so make sure you take this into consideration.Do they have experience servicing facilities like yours?• Your facility is unique. The same cleaning procedure done for a hospital is not the same procedure used in a school to make sure that the prospected cleaning company has had some experience in your facility type.Reviews?• Client reviews are essential so be sure to use all medians available such as yelp, social media, google etc. to make sure that you’ve read as much feedback as possible. How do they screen their employees? • You want a cleaning staff that you can trust with the keys to your facility and will respect the space of your employees, so it is important that the prospective company conducts thorough research and background checks on its staffers. How do they train their employees? • A cleaning facility should always have this documentation available for future clients so that its customers are ensured with the best cleaning services available. • Make sure you go over the tactics your prospective uses to clean facilities; as well as the certifications posed to ensure the best quality service. Insurance• It is important that the prospective cleaning services company has the umbrella insurance policy that will cover all claims. This can be a deal breaker if the numbers are not fulfilled. Employee turnover %• Be sure to pay attention to the employee turnover rate of the prospective cleaning company because you want a company that is reliable. Quality control checks assure reliability through accountability. • It is important that you have a cleaning company with a clear point of contact for communicating, to expedite any issues. Green cleaning programs• Green cleaning programs are important when discussing the different services offered. Chemicals can be very harmful not only to the environment but to your work surroundings as well. • Harsh chemicals can be dangerous to workers and anyone who enters your building so pay attention to the green programs with low environmental impact cleaning chemicals and dispensing systems. Certifications• The certifications that a company possess, shows that they take themselves seriously and are willing to go the extra mile at the beneficiations of its customers.Prospective cleaning companies will give you the information that they want you to have, therefore, it is important that you conduct your own thorough research. These facts will help you realize which company is best fit for yours and can possibly offer your facility exactly what it needs now and for the future. OpenWorks is guided by a simple philosophy: A cleaner, safer and healthier environment means a more productive work place. For more information on how OpenWorks can benefit your facility, visit our website here.

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