Maintaining Commercial Property Value: How to Leverage Your Facilities Management

Commercial property values rebounded strongly in 2021. Is your property keeping pace?

Facilities management is key for maintaining the value of your property. But a mediocre facilities management strategy won't cut it.

Learn more about how facilities management can help your property value. You'll see the best ways to optimize your management strategy.

What Is Facilities Management?

Facilities management supports your core business operations. It includes a variety of functions and services like:

●      Cleaning and disinfecting

●      Supply replenishment

●      Building maintenance and repair

●      Landscaping

Facilities management is important to a range of industries. Offices, hotels, hospitals, and schools can benefit.

How Facilities Management Helps Maintain Property Value

Good facilities management works in several ways to maintain your property value. It keeps your facilities in the best possible condition. It helps ensure your buildings are a safe and positive environment.

Regular Maintenance

Regular building maintenance is an important way to maintain your property value. Preventive maintenance helps you find possible problems before they become major issues. You avoid damage that could reduce the value of your facilities.

Maintenance services like plumbing and electrical help your facilities function their best. Services like landscaping are important for the appearance of your building.

Compliance with Building Codes

A clear facilities management strategy helps you stay compliant with local building codes. These requirements vary depending on the type of facility you have.

Making any required repairs or upgrades helps you avoid costly fines or penalties. You can sell or lease the property at a higher price more easily.


A building with a top-rated safety record is worth more than one with unsafe conditions. Keeping a good reputation for safety maintains your property value.

Good facilities management helps ensure that your buildings are as safe as possible. Cleaning and disinfecting are more important than ever for your buildings. Performing maintenance and repairs on time contributes to a safe and healthy environment.

A well-maintained building discourages would-be thieves or vandals. Exterior lighting and proper landscaping make breaking in more difficult. You avoid possible losses and damage to your property.

Optimizing Your Facilities Management

Optimizing your facilities management helps you maintain your property value more effectively. Developing a facility asset management plan is the first step. You can improve how you track, maintain, and plan for facilities.

The process starts with an inventory of your assets. Then you can collect data to track how your facilities serve your organization.

Facility management technology can help with data collection and analysis. Accurate, timely data helps you make better maintenance and replacement schedules.

An experienced facilities management company can help you optimize your facilities management. You can maintain or improve your property value more easily. Your in-house staff can focus on your core business tasks.

Using Facilities Management Services to Maintain Your Property Value

Facilities management is critical for maintaining your property value. A facilities management company can help you get the most benefits.

To achieve the best results, you need the best provider. OpenWorks is a national leader in facilities management. Our robust technological solutions and elite providers give you the highest quality services.

Contact us today for a free estimate. Let's start planning your facilities solution.

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