OpenWorks 2015 Year-End Wrap-Up

2015 was a banner year for OpenWorks in many ways. Our tradition of excellence, coupled with an ambitious plan for growth, earned us new business and accolades last year, and we are taking 2016 to reaffirm our commitment to go above and beyond for our franchisees, employees and clients. With that in mind, we have our sights set to surpass the last year’s goals and remind our stakeholders why we’re still the leading choice in integrated facility services. Here are the five things that made the difference for OpenWorks in 2015 and how we plan to do even better in 2016.

  1. Record expansion. Our growth in 2015 was phenomenal. We spread to two new territories and opened 68 new franchise locations. In 2016, we plan on opening an additional 103 franchise locations. We plan for these locations to move into our existing regions, plus six additional new territories. These new locations will expand our reach across the United States and further improve our ability to serve facilities everywhere.
  2. Brand new services. OpenWorks underwent a dramatic transformation this year. By adding landscaping, exterior maintenance, HVAC, and plumbing and electrical services, OpenWorks evolved from being a resource for commercial cleaning to an integrated facility services franchise. This change means that in 2016, OpenWorks can better serve large-scale facilities, such as concert halls and arenas. The Phoenix Convention Center was one of the first of these types of facilities to join OpenWorks after the addition of these new services, and we’re hoping to add many more to that list!
  3. New employee training programs. We are committed to helping our employees grow in their careers with us, so we revamped our employee training services. In addition to our initial trainings and ongoing opportunities, we’ve added an account executive program for those employees who are hoping to make the move to the executive office. Our hope is that we can continue to promote from within, and use these trainings to make our workforce even stronger.
  4. Rewards for employees and franchisees. We also want to continue to show employees and franchisees how much we value their contributions, so we added some perks to working with us and meeting or exceeding goals. For example, we added a profit-sharing plan for employees, which can be used to provide bonuses when employees meet or surpass net profit targets in a given time period. We have also added a program called the President’s Club, which rewards the top-performing franchisees each year with a resort trip. These were done to recognize that our people are the reason for our success and to pass on the rewards of that success to them.
  5. Renewed commitment to customer service. We believe that a skilled and satisfied workforce translates directly to terrific experiences for our customers. We expanded customer service hours, so that at any time of day, a customer can reach a live person to discuss their account, make changes or ask questions. This is to ensure that customers are always receiving the best service from their trusted facility services teams.

At OpenWorks, our people matter. They, more than anything, are the reason for our success, so as we open 2016 with new commitments to excellence, we want to take a chance to say thank you to everyone who has made it possible. To our franchisees, employees and clients, thank you for making this year, and the years to come, great ones.

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