OpenWorks Guide to Summertime Deep Cleaning

Many education professionals, parents, and children are looking forward to a safe return to in-person learning this fall. Preparation for school reopening in the fall begins in the summer. It can be difficult to truly clean your school without disrupting daily activities. Summertime is the perfect opportunity to take care of cleaning tasks that may be neglected during the school year.  

Deep cleaning is more important than ever this year for administrators to create a safe and healthy environment. A professional deep clean is the best way to disinfect your school and prepare to welcome students back to the classroom.  

What Services Should Be Included in a Deep Clean?

Deep cleaning your school at least once per year doesn’t just ensure it looks sparkling clean. It also prevents the growth of harmful molds and bacteria and improves air quality. A full deep clean should include the following services: 

  • Carpet Cleaning and Extraction
  • Strip and Wax Floors
  • High Dusting
  • InfectaGuard™
  • Continuous Care
  • Power Washing
  • Window Cleaning
  • Tile Scrub

This collection of services is designed to clean your school inside and out, floor to ceiling. These services tackle often neglected areas, like high ceilings and windows, and disinfect areas that tend to hold the most dirt and germs, like bathroom floors.  

It’s important to note that the CDC also recommends ongoing cleaning and disinfecting practices that should be completed regularly throughout the school year. These include disinfecting high-traffic areas multiple times per day and modifying layouts to ensure appropriate distance between students.   

Administrators may want to consider requesting funds from the American Rescue Plan (ARP) to help pay for a deep clean. The $1.9 trillion aid package sets aside $122 billion for the ARP Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ARP ESSER) Fund. State educational agencies and school districts will receive funds to help reopen and maintain the healthy operation of schools, as well as resolve the effect of the coronavirus pandemic on the nation's students.  

It’s also important to ensure you find the right partner for your school. Many commercial cleaning companies lack experience with schools specifically, and aren’t equipped to meet the requirements. OpenWorks offers a number of specialized solutions for schools for annual deep cleans and ongoing maintenance as suggested by the CDC.  

  • Background Checks Upon Request
  • Local And Corporate Oversight And Quality Assurance Program
  • Comprehensive Educational Facility Training To Meet State Requirements
  • Reliable And Responsive Solutions To Accommodate Your Break Schedules
  • Environmentally-Friendly Green Clean Program
  • OSHA Certified Service Providers
  • Classroom Disinfection And Maintenance
  • Restroom Disinfection And Maintenance
  • Hard Floor Disinfection And Maintenance
  • Carpet Care
  • Athletic Facility Disinfection And Maintenance
  • Day Custodian Services

Schools need a commercial cleaning provider that can work around their scheduling needs. OpenWorks understands that schools are rarely empty and work around your needs to ensure cleaning is complete before the first day of school.  

If you’d like to learn more about how to complete a deep clean and the services mentioned, plus how to access ARP ESSAR funds to help with the project, download our full guide: Prepare for School Reopening with a Summertime Deep Clean and click here now to get a free estimate

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