School Cleaning and Disinfecting Procedures for Administrators

Teachers and students alike are excited to finally return to in-person learning, but school administrators will have to implement additional cleaning and disinfecting procedures to keep everyone safe. Having a plan that incorporates state and local guidelines is the first step for a successful return to the classroom. As a commercial cleaning provider with expertise in schools, OpenWorks is up to date on the latest guidelines from governing health and wellness organizations like the CDC, OSHA, and the WHO.

The procedures below are a great starting point based on CDC guidelines, but we recommend brushing up on the CDC’s Toolkit for School Administrators as well.

1. Create a Plan for Keeping Classrooms Clean

The first step to ensuring a safe return to the classroom is creating a plan for keeping classrooms clean and ensuring everyone understands their responsibilities for executing it. The plan will depend on the children’s age (young children may have a harder time following guidelines) and size of the school, but it should include the following:

  • Strategies for disinfecting high-traffic areas throughout the day with EPA Approved List N Disinfectants
  • Guidelines for students to maintain personal hygiene (handwashing, etc.)
  • A plan to disinfect the entire school on a regular basis with the help of a commercial cleaning company

The CDC has outlined six steps for cleaning and disinfecting your school that can be printed and posted in classrooms to help teachers and students work together. Make sure teachers and students understand how to safely handle all chemicals used for daily disinfecting. Fully disinfecting the school requires the help of a commercial cleaning company.

The services provided by OpenWorks include…

  • Background Checks Upon Request
  • Local And Corporate Oversight And Quality Assurance Program
  • Comprehensive Educational Facility Training To Meet State Requirements
  • Reliable And Responsive Solutions To Accommodate Your Break Schedules
  • Environmentally-Friendly Green Clean Program
  • OSHA Certified Service Providers
  • Classroom Disinfection And Maintenance
  • Restroom Disinfection And Maintenance
  • Hard Floor Disinfection And Maintenance
  • Carpet Care
  • Office Cleaning And Disinfection
  • Athletic Disinfection And Maintenance
  • Day Custodian Services

We are experienced in the Education Industry and have the tools and expertise necessary to get the job done safely.

2. Implement Your Plan

Next, implement the plan and make sure everyone knows how they can help keep the school safe and healthy. Posting signage throughout the school may be helpful, especially for the students. Make sure you have an adequate supply of soap, hand sanitizer, and disinfectant. High-touch materials, such as shared supplies, doors, lunch tables, and other surfaces should be disinfected between each use prevent germs from spreading.

3. Maintain and Revise Your Plan

After implementing your plan, it’s time to review the components that are working well and areas for improvement. Talk to teachers and staff and consider gathering feedback from parents and students. We recommend having regular meetings to discuss progress and pitfalls. 

It’s also important that everyone at the school knows what to do if there is a COVID-19 exposure. Parents and teachers need to know who they should inform and administrators should have a plan in place for how to proceed. Your local school board will likely have guidelines in this area, but it’s the administration’s job to ensure everyone is aware of what to do. 

Keeping the school clean is an important part of maintaining a safe and efficient environment where everyone feels comfortable. OpenWorks is here to support you. We are keeping up with the latest guidelines and updating our procedures accordingly. OpenWorks provides exceptional service that consistently exceed your expectations. When looking for commercial cleaning services near me, look for companies that are experienced in the Education Industry and its unique challenges. 

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