Seasonal Considerations for Facility Managers

Do you live in a hot, dry climate like Las Vegas, a humid, rainy city in Florida, or a snow-packed state like Maine? Your location (and the time of year) can greatly affect the type of regular maintenance and refurbishment necessary to reduce the need to replace materials – especially any that are outdoors. Learn how to combat seasonal weather changes to keep your facility in tip top shape with this checklist.

For dry conditions

Long, hot, windy summers can create heavy dust build-up on your building’s exterior, windows and screens, and air conditioning units. At least once a year, generally after the hottest day of the year, have your commercial cleaning service power wash your windows and window screens, deep clean HVAC units, and dust the inside of air vents. If you have recently purchased a building in this type of location, have your commercial cleaner perform all of these services ahead of the summer heat to ensure your tenants will be comfortable indoors, no matter the weather outside. Tip: When having your HVAC cleaned, have your provider top off your air conditioner coolant proactively.

For humid conditions

Humidity can wreak havoc on a building, especially during a heavy rainy season. At least once a year, during a dry period, check and repair decks, siding, railings, and fencing for rotting wood and peeling paint. Regular maintenance will prevent costs from building up, and eliminate the need for a total replacement or larger repair. Ensure your roof and gutters are free of debris so water can flow freely, and exactly where you want it to. Use this excess water to your advantage by having the gutters feed into a native garden or rain barrel. This will eliminate excess water from building up on walkways or in parking lots, both of which could create safety concerns for tenants and their customers.

While you’re at it, have your landscaping trimmed to eliminate the need for constant gutter cleaning after a storm and remove the risk of a fallen branch landing on a wall, window, car, or worse. Tip: By switching to plants native to your area, you can reduce the need for this type of constant trimming and maintenance as the plants are already adapted to these weather conditions. Speak to your landscaper about creating a preventative, native landscaping plan built to capture excess water.

For snowy conditions

Prepare for the cold by ensuring the caulk and seals around windows and doors are working properly to reduce strain on your heating equipment (and reduce your heating bill). Have flat, outdoor exteriors patched and sealed to prevent moisture from getting in and freezing. It’s also a great time to test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, as well as your furnace and water heater.

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