Servicing Multi-Site Customers

At OpenWorks, Our Customer Testimonials Speak for Themselves!

With multiple buildings to take care of, managing multiple facilities can be a tough job. There's enough to think about for just one building, not to mention if you're looking after two or more! At OpenWorks, we work to make your job easier, and always leave our customers satisfied with a job well done. That's because we don't just maintain your facilities; we improve them, leaving a cleaner, safer, healthier, and more productive environment for your employees and clients. But don't let us do all the talking – our customer testimonials speak for themselves. Take a look at what these multi-site customers had to say about OpenWorks!Chief of Staff at University of Advancing Technology"We were left in the dust (sometimes literally) by our last company, so the fact that the OpenWorks guys showed up at all had everyone excited. But several people have come to me to express specific things that I wanted to pass along:

  • The length of time they spent here was appreciated. Employees noticed the meticulous and thorough work they did, and they had nothing but positive things to say. I’ve never seen them give such enthusiastic praise to any other company.
  • The fact that they respected the marked parking was noticed. Our old company used to park their truck/trailer in the front row executive parking spots.
  • The dorm manager noticed that none of the students complained about being woken up by the noise…I can’t even express the value of that.
  • People noticed how well the bushes were trimmed/shaped.
  • And of course, I had at least a dozen people come to me and say “The landscapers showed up!"

I am so appreciative and excited we’ve brought you guys on board for the additional service."Sales Coordinator at The CORE Group“We needed to find a facility services provider that was able to keep our office clean on a regular basis with no recurring issues. And since we switched to OpenWorks, the cleanliness of our office has definitely improved! OpenWorks strength lies with their customer service and how quickly they are able to respond to our needs. We have had a couple of requests and every time it has been reported, the response was swift and accommodating to what we were looking for. I definitely would recommend OpenWorks to another business because we have had such a great experience with OpenWorks. We love the service!” Administrative Assistant at GM Financial"I really like how they stay in touch with their customers. Their communication is terrific! I enjoy the staff as they are all so hard working. OpenWorks’ employees are all so helpful and the communication is wonderful! OpenWorks has solved our communication issues we have had with previous providers. They are very easy to deal with and continue to let me know what is going on, making the communication go smoothly. The OpenWorks’ staff always checks in with me, letting me know when they go to lunch or leave the building. We didn’t have a team like this with our previous provider. The day porters are great and help out more than our previous provider did! I would recommend OpenWorks to other business associates; the main reason is because of the communication of the entire OpenWorks team and the helpfulness of their staff."Sr. Facilities Manager at HomeStreet Bank“With our previous provider, trying to get issues resolved was like pulling teeth. It typically required multiple requests, and the quality would lapse again after a month or two. OpenWorks has become a true partner, especially in our current period of rapid growth. OpenWorks not only provides our cleaning services, they handle all of our supply ordering and replenishment of our supplies. Their responsiveness, communication and flexibility allow our company to roll out new locations quickly, and maintain our existing footprint with minimal oversight from our Facilities team. By hiring OpenWorks our issues have become minimal and when they do arise they are taken seriously and resolved immediately. Our satisfaction is clearly a priority for them, and they go out of their way to ensure that our managers and customers are happy. We would recommend OpenWorks to another business associate without reservation. Their attitude is always helpful, their pricing is competitive, and their responsiveness is hard to beat. Over time, OpenWorks has gone beyond vendor status to become a trusted, strategic partner, and they have truly earned our highest recommendation."Administrative Manager at 211 LA County “OpenWorks understands quality control. They continuously re-tool, re-evaluate, ask for the customer’s feedback and take action!We needed to find a new commercial cleaning and facility services company, as our previous provider began to show major signs of disarray. In order to make a great impression on their clients and partners as well as improve the productivity of their own staff, we needed to have a clean and orderly workplace. We hired the OpenWorks team and they were able to clean shop immediately for us. The entire building was in bad need of attention that the previous provider did not do. OpenWorks completely transformed the cleaning. We no longer get complaints from our employees about dust or trash not being picked up. I value the efficiency, attention to detail and the commitment to quality assurance provided by OpenWorks. OpenWorks continuously evaluates their team and allows me as a customer to rate my satisfaction with their services and if I have a concern, they address it immediately. All of this is documented in a written format, so there’s no mistaking communication. I’d gladly recommend OpenWorks to other business associates for their attention to detail, and most importantly for their commitment to quality assurance."To learn more about what OpenWorks can do for your facility, visit

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