Should You Do Your Own Pest Control or Hire a Professional?

What if you were about to have a home invasion and have no way to stop it?No, we're not talking about violent human intruders. Instead, we're talking about the various pests just waiting to invade and infest your home.To stop them, you have two options: hire a professional or do your own pest control. But which option is best for you?Keep reading to learn the answer!

The Cost

For most people, the "bottom line" of whether to hire a pro is...well...their bottom line!Professionals are going to charge a set fee for their services. And depending on the nature of the contract (more on this later), this may be an ongoing fee.In some cases, it's cheaper to buy the tools and chemicals that you're going to need. But this isn't always the case, especially if you need to buy everything from the ground up.Ultimately, this becomes a math game. If you're not locked into a contract, you just need to figure out if a single visit from a professional will cost more than buying everything yourself.Of course, if you anticipate spraying around your house every month or so, you may consider getting your own equipment an investment. It will make subsequent treatments cheaper!

The Time

The phrase "time is money" may be a cliche, but it's also true. And this may influence whether you hire a professional or not.For example, someone who works from home or works part-time may find it easier to do all of the pest control on their own. However, someone who is very busy with their job and possibly commutes may not have time to handle it on their own.And if you've never done any pest control before, you'll also need to research how to do everything effectively. You must determine whether you have time to do this homework and then treat your house or if you just want to call a pro.

Insect Amount

Another simple factor when it comes to this decision is how many insects you are dealing with. Is this an occasional problem or a full-blown infestation?If you just have problems like the occasional cockroach, you'll probably be fine doing everything on your own. You can find various over-the-counter sprays that will keep these pests from getting into your home (or at least kill them if they do).However, you may have special breeds of something like German cockroaches that are breeding like crazy. Or maybe an army of ants that keeps finding its way into your home.Long story short? If there are too many pests to handle on your own, you should call in a pro.

Seasonal Needs

Sometimes, the decision about whether to use professional pest control or not is simple. It may come down to the season!Certain insect threats are likelier to come out during certain seasons. For example, termites are likelier to swarm during spring and summer. These warm and temperate seasons are also the prime time for many other pests, so you may need a hand dealing with them.However, the colder winter months may naturally keep many insects away. So if you have the option, it may be worth it to rely on professional pest control for part of the year and DIY pest control for the other part.

Hidden Threats

Earlier, we mentioned the threat of termites. And that brings us to the next factor: hidden threats vs. open threats.Most people consider pest control as a kind of "spot" control. You see a bug, you kill a bug. Then you keep more from getting in and call it a day.However, some insects (most notably termites) will actually hide inside your home. And by the time you see a single termite, it may be a sign that countless others are eating through your house.If you think you are facing hidden insect threats, you need to call a professional as soon as possible. Otherwise, you are gambling the safety of your home and even the health of everyone who lives inside.

Contract Pros and Cons

Some professional pest control services force you to sign a contract. Others are fine if you hire them as needed.The idea of a contract is enough to drive many people away from hiring a pro. But the truth is that these contracts come with a number of pros and cons.One obvious con is the idea of an ongoing cost. Even if the monthly charge is low (like, $30), you're on the hook to pay that amount for a period of 12 (or more) months.However, that regular charge also comes with regular service. That can keep your home insect-free all year round, all without you having to take the time out of your own life to play exterminator.And those contracts typically cover most common forms of insects. If you are doing it on your own, you may need to buy different equipment and chemicals to take care of different kinds of insects.It's entirely possible a contract and ongoing cost will be a dealbreaker. But if you can afford the monthly charge, it brings many benefits you may find worthwhile.

Renting vs. Owning

The final factor for hiring a pro versus doing it on your own is your actual house. Simply put, do you own the home or are you renting?If you rent, you may have some kind of pest control built into your rental contract. And in that case, you may only need to do things on your own for pest threats that are not covered.If you own your home, professional pest control becomes more valuable. That's because if you miss any insects and they end up damaging your home, the repairs may be far more expensive than just hiring a pro in the first place.

Should You Do Your Own Pest Control? The Bottom Line

Now you know have to figure out if you should do your own pest control. But if you need a pro, do you know how to turn to?We help residents with everything from landscaping to pest management. If you need to take control of your home from the insects, contact us today!

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