The Property Manager Guide to Keeping the Building Clean

According to the Rental Protection Agency, as of March 2019, there are 113,044,936 renters in the United States. There are 23,216,763 landlords.

Many landlords opt to hire a property manager to handle everything on their behalf. And one of the most important jobs of property management is keeping the building clean.

While property cleaning services may seem mundane, it keeps renters safe and helps keep the building in good shape. If you're in charge of property cleaning, it's important to know exactly what to do.

And we can help. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about keeping your building clean.

A Good Property Manager Evaluates Conditions After a Tenant Moves Out

Whether you own multiple properties or just one, it's vitally important to ensure the rental unit is move-in ready before another tenant moves in. And the perfect time to perform those checks is after a tenant moves out.

Once a tenant moves out, check to see if there is any damage. Check the walls for holes and make sure large appliances still work correctly.

Next, look for dirt and stains. Check out the carpeting to see if there are any stains. Then make sure the windows don't have cracks and are still clean.

And, of course, make sure you check closely for any signs of pest infestations or mold. These two issues could result in a lot of problems for you if not handled correctly immediately.

Upkeep to Consider After a Tenant Leaves

To ensure your unit doesn't go unrented for a lengthy period, it's always a good idea to do some basic property cleaning. Small steps like repainting the walls and replacing damaged carpeting or flooring make the unit more appealing to potential renters.

You should also consider changing the locks to keep your renters safe.

Create a Property Management Preventative Maintenance Checklist

It's a good idea for property managers to create a preventative maintenance checklist. It's much cheaper to spend money on upkeep than it is to fix a problem that's been ignored for years.

Some routine maintenance is seasonal, such as ensuring the roof is cleared of any debris before winter hits. Others, such as servicing the HVAC system only needs maintenance twice a year.

A checklist ensures nothing ends up being forgotten or neglected.

Create a System for On-Call Maintenance

While it helps to schedule preventative maintenance, it won't stave off all potential problems. Offering on-call maintenance services allows property managers to address issues immediately.

It's also a smart idea to create a tracking system to help you communicate and handle maintenance issues. That way, your building is safe, and your tenants remain happy.

Manage Waste and Recycling

Americans generate 4.4 pounds of trash per person daily. That amounts to 254 million tons annually.

Without a good waste management system in place, you could end up with a huge trash build up problem. That leads to unsanitary, smelly conditions that attract large amounts of pests that are only too happy to set up camp in your building.

And some states made recycling items like certain plastics a law. Not only is recycling good for the environment, but it helps lower your trash bill.

Make sure you make it easy for tenants to dispose of their trash and recycle properly. Keep signs in places where it's easy for them to see where each item belongs.

Consider Green Cleaning Supplies

While your tenants hate living or working in a filthy place, most don't enjoy breathing in toxic fumes either. Many cleaning products contain dangerous chemicals that are harmful to humans.

It's worth it to invest in environmentally friendly cleaning supplies. Especially since the green movement is gaining in popularity. And the planet needs all the help it can get.

Invest in Software

Investing in the right software is a smart choice. The right property management software lets renters make maintenance requests online.

Allowing tenants to make maintenance requests online means it's being tracked by everyone. Tenants can view their status and property managers can avoid lengthy phone calls at sometimes inconvenient times.

Also, property management software allows you to send information to your accountant. This saves time and helps to eliminate errors.

Also, the more you automate your business processes, the happier your tenants are and the easier it is to perform your duties in a timely and correct manner.

Keep Common Rooms Clean

While most tenants keep their own units clean, they don't want to take responsibility for common areas. That's why they're renting from you.

And common areas often get overlooked, and trash and clutter can begin accumulating. This isn't good if you're trying to rent to potential new tenants.

Make sure all common areas are checked and cleaned daily to ensure everything looks and smells good.

Maintain the Outside of the Property

Don't forget to maintain the outside of the property. The first impression anyone gets of your building is how it looks on the outside.

If it looks run down, it's harder to charge higher rental fees. Make sure to regularly have your lawn or grassy areas mowed.

Clean out your gutters at least once a year. And place some bushes, plants, and flowers around to make it look nice. Just make sure you have someone to maintain them so they don't die or look wilted.

Outsource Services as Needed

Not all property managers have the staff to help them clean and maintain their building properly. And it's your job to manage, not maintain.

Which is why it's a good idea to outsource any kind of additional cleaning service your building requires. Look for companies offering janitorial services.

Hire a waste and recycle management company to deal with the trash. Get a landscaping company to make the outside of your building look amazing all year round.

The more help you have, the easier it is to properly maintain your building. Just make sure you work with reliable companies who continue to provide you with great service year after year.

We Can Help

As a property manager, you're busy, which is why we provide a wide variety of services both commercial and residential buildings require for proper upkeep.

We'd love to work with you to ensure proper maintenance of your buildings for years to come. Click here to submit your RFP.

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