Top Questions Asked by Commercial Cleaning Prospects


It’s time for you to get serious about your commercial cleaning. Whether you’ve just started the search process or you’re debating between a few companies you probably have some important questions. If I had to take a guess one of those questions is one of our commonly asked questions. Take a look below at our top questions asked by commercial cleaning prospects and see if we don’t have the answer you need!1. I have experienced the “franchise model” in the past. What makes you any different?To make it simple: our franchise model is backed up by corporate. So you get the personal touch of a local franchise owner and the confidence of a corporate-supported system. First, our corporate employees come in and map out your facility. They find out from you (the customer) what you would like to see done and what is important to you, they then come up with more than one proposal that is specifically tailored to your facility. Next, the franchise owner that is assigned to your facility goes with our Corporate District Manager to walk your facility. Finally, even though your facility is cleaned/managed by a franchise owner, our corporate employees still oversee their work and do monthly walk throughs of your facility.2. It seems like all cleaning companies are the same, what sets you apart?With most facility service companies, maintenance is all that matters. At OpenWorks, we combine innovative methods with our uniform system to not just maintain but improve your facility. We don’t just clean for appearance, we clean for health and environmental quality to improve your results by consistently making your facility cleaner, safer & healthier. We also provide corporate oversight for emergencies or unexpected needs. You can call our 24 hour customer service anytime.3. How do you monitor the job?We have a corporate-level District Manager assigned to oversee the level of service on accounts. On-site visits and routine inspections are done to ensure OpenWorks is delivering on its promises. A quality service audit (periodic in-depth checks) of your facility are also conducted by our Corporate District Manager on a routine basis.4. Do you train your crews?Yes! All of our franchise owners are required to go through an extensive training program before they open their Janitorial Service business. They must successfully complete the initial training program to the satisfaction of OpenWorks before they can start operating their franchise.5. What is your price/hour and or price/square foot?The price for our services will depend on the size of your business as well as your specific cleaning needs. Our corporate employees assess your needs through individual consultation and present multiple pricing plans to fit all your cleaning and budget needs.6. What is your experience with this type of facility?At OpenWorks, we have the expertise and experience to provide facility services for a wide-variety of businesses and facilities. We also offer specialty cleaning services, with the training to back it up, for a number of industries including: healthcare, education, financial, industrial, hospitality, and general offices.7. Who is OpenWorks?We are a national integrated facility services company that was established in Phoenix, AZ in 1983. OpenWorks is guided by a simple philosophy: a cleaner, safer and healthier environment means a more productive workplace. The OpenWorks franchisees and preferred partners offer more than simple cleaning and maintenance – they help their clients fundamentally improve their work environment. Each OpenWorks representative implements an environmentally friendly “Green Clean” program.8. How do we communicate after the sale?We have a commitment for open communications before and after the sale. But after the sale we will keep a log book, an on-site record, which provides ongoing communication between you and your OpenWorks team.9. Why are you more expensive?We may not be the lowest price, but we’re going to be the best value. If you value a good, quality clean rather than the cheapest clean – we can provide you with that.10. What else do you do?We value a healthy workplace not just a clean workplace. We work with you to improve your workspace over time rather than simply provide run of the mill cleaning services. At OpenWorks we create partnerships in cleaning. We also offer handyman services as well as landscape maintenance.11. Why should I go with a cleaning company that is owner operated vs. the larger companies?Owner operated cleaning companies allow you to have a local person on your side who is trained as well as interested in forming a joint partnership with you. At OpenWorks, however, we offer the best of both worlds. Our franchisees work to create joint partnerships with you while our corporate employees back that promise up with 24/7 customer service and routine service check-ups.12 Can I meet the cleaners that are going to clean my building?You will meet the franchisee assigned to your account and go over all your questions and concerns before we begin cleaning your office.13. What kind of chemicals do you clean with?We use cleaning products that protect health without harming the environment. We use green cleaning techniques to achieve that.Are you ready to talk to OpenWorks about what we can do for your business?Call 1-800-777-6736 to speak with a member of the OpenWorks team.

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