Twitter Is A Dirty Bird

Elon Musk, CEO of Twitter, fired the company’s cleaning crew just before the holidays. Posted in numerous news outlets, including the New York Times, Musk says that costs must be cut because it is facing a negative cash flow.

This is not the right move. Here’s why.

  1. Have TP Will Travel: If you’re a rockstar coder, will you want to bring your own toilet paper to work? Reports have come in that employees have no hygienic supplies and have resorted to bringing in their own in from home. Chances are, Musk will lose a lot more employees for another company that provides toilet paper—and more.
  2. Getting Down With the Sickness: No cleaning means a field day for all types of germs. And germs make people sick. Musk has mandated that his employees must come into the office full-time. And now also get exposed to all kinds of germs.
  3. Safety First: Professional cleaners are trained to clean up all kinds of spills and also identify risks a typical worker may not see. One slip from a Twitter employee and now Musk is subject to even more lawsuits and exposure.
  4. Oh OSHA! Twitter offices in San Francisco and New York must follow OSHA rules and continue to be compliant. An OSHA officer can do one inspection and close the offices sooner than Musk would like. Not to mention the hefty fees that come with non-compliance. Willful Violations can cost be cited up to a minimum of $250,000.
  5. You Can’t Tweet in Garbage: Those workers left at Twitter will soon lose any momentum they have. Regardless of low morale, when a workplace smells, it’s tough to do anything, let alone code.

The risk is simply not worth the reward here. Don’t cut your cleaning company. They are trained, they know what they’re doing and they’re keeping you safe. Just because Twitter did it, doesn’t mean you should.

What Musk can do, is choose an outsourced model of commercial cleaners. He’ll be protected from all the above and save money! Want more info on why choose an outsourced professional company? We have it. And what’s more, we’ll let you know how we’ll customize a plan for each of your sites. Until then, tweet clean, or don’t tweet at all.

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