What Does a Commercial Cleaning Company Do?

If your answer to this question is that a commercial cleaning company cleans facilities, you’d be right. However, that is not the whole story. The best commercial cleaning companies can do a lot more than clean floors, empty trash, and dust.

There’s a difference between janitorial services and commercial cleaning services. Janitorial services handle tasks like sweeping and mopping hard surface floors, vacuuming and dusting, emptying trash cans, and cleaning restrooms and breakrooms. You can contract with a commercial cleaning company to do these tasks, but they also handle bigger cleaning projects such as carpet cleaning, hard surface floor cleaning, furniture and upholstery cleaning, and much more.

A Great Commercial Cleaning Company Provides Everything You Need

A great commercial cleaning company will typically provide all the cleaning equipment and products needed to get the job done. As a business owner, this can save you time and money because you won’t have to spend the money to buy and maintain equipment or stock cleaning products.

OpenWorks Takes Commercial Cleaning A Step Further

OpenWorks is a leading commercial cleaning company because, in addition to superior cleaning, we provide additional services, including:

OpenWorks Provides Supplies Management

We buy large volumes of cleaning supplies and can often provide supplies to you at significant savings. We handle supply management and replenishment so you don’t have to worry about it.

OpenWorks Offers Green Cleaning and Sustainable Products

The cleaning products that are used to clean your facilities and how they are applied can make a big difference in your workplace. Many common cleaners contain chemicals that can aggravate conditions such as asthma. Others have been shown to contain low levels of carcinogens or formaldehyde – chemicals that raise cancer concerns.

Commercial cleaning companies should use minimally-invasive equipment to clean. OpenWorks practices sustainability by using products such as post-recycled paper products and procedures to conserve water and energy. This practice helps the environment, and it can also keep your costs down.Since most employees spend their time indoors, indoor air quality is important. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ranks indoor air quality as one of the top 5 risks to human health. OpenWorks only uses green products, which minimizes the use of harmful chemicals and provides for cleaner indoor air and a healthier work environment.

OpenWorks Offers in Specialized Services

If you work in the medical field, you know how important it is to keep your entire facility clean. Required standards go far beyond the typical commercial cleaning services for an office building. You need aseptic cleaning for pre- and post-surgery areas, terminal cleaning for sub-sterile areas and autoclave rooms, and professionals who are training in biomedical waste handling and management.

In schools and educational facilities, you need a team trained in safety and compliance processes that knows how to deal with airborne and bloodborne pathogens.

OpenWorks Improves Your Workplace

Keeping your workplace clean can have a significant impact on employee productivity because nobody likes to work in a dirty or unkempt environment. A clean workplace leads to happier employees that will take more pride in their work. Studies show happier workers are more productive by as much as 12%.We’ve all seen how quickly sickness can spread in the workplace. When a virus spreads among employees, it decreases productivity, increases the number of sick days taken and can take a toll on your overall operation. Deep, professional cleaning can mitigate the effects of sickness because when your work environment is kept clean, bacteria are less likely to spread. This best practice translates to healthier employees that take fewer sick days.

When your work environment is clean, employees are more likely to keep it clean. When it is messy or dirty, employees tend to lose respect and don’t do their part to keep it clean.  They may also treat equipment and work areas poorly.

OpenWorks Helps Your Professional Appearance

If a customer or prospect sees stained carpets, overflowing trash cans, and furniture with layers of dust when they visit your business, they are far less likely to be impressed than if they were to walk into a fresh-smelling and clean workplace. Commercial cleaning services with OpenWorks can help you project a professional appearance that will make an impact on your customers, employees, and potential employees.

OpenWorks Has an Elite Network of Service Providers

The best commercial cleaning companies employ trained professionals. At OpenWorks, every franchise owner undergoes an extensive background check before being hired and is trained extensively in professional cleaning techniques, safety procedures, and OSHA regulations.

OpenWorks Creates A Cleaner, Healthier, and Safer Environment

OpenWorks is a full-service commercial facilities company that will make your workplace a cleaner, healthier, and safer environment. Request an Estimate today to learn what we can do for you.

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