What Does Hiring a Full-Service Cleaning Company Mean for Your Business?

Whether you manage a large health center, a growing office space or anything in between, it’s important to have your facility running in tip-top shape. But this puts a lot of responsibility on your shoulders. Not only do you have to worry about the day-to-day cleaning of your facility, but there are also things to think about in terms of facility maintenance. Who will do the landscaping? Who will handle electrical concerns? Who will manage supply flows? This is a lot to think about, especially when you have a business to run. But OpenWorks is here to help make your job a little easier. Our signature cleaning service takes care of every single one of your facility’s maintenance needs — through one company — and this can mean a lot for your business.

More Revenue.

When working with multiple companies for each individual maintenance need, you probably aren’t getting the best deal. Not to mention that some things may be getting overlooked. The people you hire show up, do their jobs and leave, all without any thought to what could be done better. With a full-service company like OpenWorks, we’re working with you every step of the way. We can see the big picture of what your facility needs and can create a customized plan with those needs in mind. With OpenWorks, you get more than just facility maintenance, we actually work to improve your facility, making it cleaner, greener and more efficient, saving you money.

More Time to Take Care of Your Business.

Not that facility maintenance doesn’t matter, because it most certainly does, but you shouldn’t have to worry about it while running your business. Let us do that for you. Time is money, after all, and with a full-service cleaning company like OpenWorks, you can dedicate your time to something more valuable than whether or not the air filters have been replaced or how often the windows are being washed.

Less Frustration.

When you work with multiple companies for each of your maintenance needs, that means you have to keep up with each and every one of them. You have to keep everything organized, paying multiple bills, dealing with multiple managers and countless staff. You have to allow access to your facility for everyone involved, while at the same time making sure that certain jobs don’t overlap, causing inconsistencies or a lack of efficiency (which also raises your bill). With one company taking care of all your facility’s needs, you only have to keep track of that one company. Talk about a relief!With a full-service cleaning company like OpenWorks, you get everything you want for your business in one convenient package! Check out our wide range of services and find out how you can get started improving your facility with OpenWorks today![sc name="OW New Contact Form"]

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