Why Every Property Manager Needs an HVAC Professional Service

It is easy to overlook the necessity of HVAC maintenance. Many non-experts have trouble noticing the signs of degradation and efficiency loss until suddenly a major problem occurs.

Unfortunately, it is that waiting that can lead to far higher maintenance costs than regular maintenance would have been. If you're a property manager, allow us to explain a few reasons you should consider hiring an HVAC professional.

You're Likely Losing Money

Property managers need to account for losses over time when deciding if a higher initial cost is actually a bad investment. With HVAC, there are a few details to consider when making your decision.

First, as much as 5-10% of your system's energy consumption can be reduced through the regular checking and replacement of your HVAC filters. Many experts recommend these filters be replaced every month, far more than most property managers currently do so.

Meanwhile, regular maintenance is estimated to save even more. As much as 40% of maintenance costs can be saved with regular maintenance, rather than waiting for problems to occur.

This makes sense, as problems further reduce the system's efficiency and usually get worse over time. That means fixing issues early saves on consumption and helps prevent the system from developing major (expensive) problems.

The South and Midwest Are Big Consumers

In the United States, the South and Midwest are major consumers of AC-related energy. These regions can experience brutal temperatures, especially in the summer, all but requiring the HVAC system to be in constant use.

For property managers operating in these regions, that means your HVAC efficiency will have a big impact on your bottom line. Professional HVAC services can keep your costs down and your property operating efficiently.

The same can be said of especially cold states, such as Maine, North Dakota, and Alaska. If your heat is in constant, significant use, you may contend with significant HVAC expenses. In fact, heating tends to cost more than AC use in terms of energy consumption over the same amount of time.

It's Easy to Find Reliable HVAC Professionals

At OpenWorks, we pride ourselves in our ability to make partnering with reliable HVAC professionals easy. Our professional HVAC technicians are well-trained and reliable. There's a reason we have a 99% customer retention rate.

We also offer consolidated services, meaning you can save even more by having us address other needs, such as landscape maintenance, pest control, and more.

Our professionals can almost assuredly help you save on costs over time. We have over 5,500 customers nationwide who rely on OpenWorks for these services and more.

Even better, if your particular situation is different, we can customize a plan to your specific needs. There's a reason the vast majority of clients stay— our 99% customer retention rate show that we prioritize the needs of our clients to deliver the value they require.

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