Your Cleaning Checklist Needs These 5 Items – Always!

Your Cleaning Checklist Needs These 5 Items – Always!

Property managers, you know the importance of a tidy workplace. It’s your job to make sure so much is taken care of. When selecting a facility management organization, use our commercial and warehouse cleaning checklist to ensure your property is spick and span.

1.      Specialty Floor Cleaning

Industrial complexes, warehouses, and offices often have more than one type of flooring to take care of. And, where those floors meet (often rubber or tile transition strips) requires unique care all on their own.

Once a season, if not more, go beyond simply vacuuming, mopping, or power washing. Have your carpets professionally steamed, baseboards deep cleaned (especially where they meet the floor) and any stains or grease removed from hard surfaces.

Floors can be tens of thousands of dollars to replace or repair—regular maintenance can extend the life of your flooring significantly!

2.      Dust-Free Window Screens and Windowsills

Windows need more than a simple wipe clean. If your building has screened windows, have the screens removed and power-washed regularly during the spring and fall. While your cleaning vendor is at it, have the window trim deep cleaned as well.

This will prevent allergy-inducing dust from accumulating on the windowsill, making its way into your building’s carpet, air conditioning units, or, worse, your tenant’s lungs.

This type of cleaning is paramount for those who run medical facilities such as dialysis centers or clinics. Cleanliness is incredibly important, but for patients who rely on physical assistance, a clean facility can mean the difference between being sick and getting better.

3.      Remove Wax from the Walls

While most property managers are more than aware that cigarettes can cause residue to build up on walls, many other objects can cause this, especially plug-in fragrances, and candles. Although smoking is no longer allowed in most buildings, cigarette smoke and residue can build up over time.

Have your facility management vendor use a degreasing solution, often just hot water with white vinegar, to remove the waxy film from your walls without scratching the paint or wallpaper. Plus, it will help your building smell as fresh as the day it was built!

4.      Dirty Drop Ceiling Tiles

What lies behind the drop ceilingtiles above your head? Have your cleaning crew use a dry vacuum to remove loosedirt and dust floating on the tiles and metal framing. Then, have them go inwith a wet vac to remove any additional residue (remaining mindful ofelectrical work).

Dust and dead bugs also tend toaccumulate behind fluorescent light covers, so have them remove and clean thoseas well. Say goodbye to the outline of those dead bugs!

5.      Native Plants Often Require Less Care

A parking lot can be a lot of work to maintain. But, when done correctly, a parking lot should be able to retain water from heavy rain to prevent flooding, provide shaded parking from natural or built structures, and remain a safe place for everyone and their vehicle.

Ensure the plants used in your parking lot are native to reduce the need to maintain them. For instance, a parking lot in Arizona may flood during monsoon season. You can prevent this by using a dual-action landscaping plan that provides year-round shaded parking areas with native trees. Those tree roots will absorb excess water during storms.

Proper building care directly extends the life of building materials stretching budgets even further by reducing the need for renovations.

OpenWorks offers the TotalWorks™ program that lets you rest easy while we take care of cleaning, disinfecting, repairing, and maintaining your property with consistent 360º care. Learn more about our facility management process.

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