Your Facility Needs an Annual Checkup

Just like going to the doctor or dentist, parts of your business can benefit significantly from an annual checkup. And, more often than, the cost of yearly maintenance is much less than the cost of replacement. Celebrate the start of a new year with this annual checkup checklist for your building.



First impressions mean everything to your tenants. Keep your building sparkling and new with a good power wash on all flat surfaces, including walls, windows, sidewalks, parking lots, and flat roofs.


Doing so will eliminate signs of general wear and tear created by the weather or passersby (think oil stains in a car lot or the remnants of chewed gum on a sidewalk).


Does your facility offer a covered parking structure? Take the time to clean the top of the frame (and the roof of the existing facility) to prevent debris from building up and creating damage.


Minor bumps and brushes can create crumbling curb stops that can be a tripping hazard, so be sure to have those repaired before repaving and repainting the lot (if needed).



Your heating and cooling system requires routine maintenance to keep it working correctly. Thoroughly cleaning coils, drains, and motor elements reduces the impact dust and debris can cause on the system.


After cleaning, examine each piece of equipment's connections, operations, and functionality to ensure peak performance.



One small drip, forgotten long enough, can cost you thousands in water bills alone– assuming the leak isn't going into walls, flooring, or electrical work.


Examine your plumbing top to bottom from the handles, knobs, and faucets to the drain and trap below. Take your annual plumbing checkup one step further by re-caulking sinks, drains, tubs, and showers to prevent mold or leaks.


Be sure also to check that your water heater and any outdoor landscaping water elements are working correctly and not leaking.



A little care can go a long way when ensuring your facility's electrical equipment is operating correctly and efficiently. Check that all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are working properly. Once a year, you should also check that all outlets are working correctly and are not loose, discolored, or showing burn marks.


All these could signal an electrical issue you will want to hire a trained professional to inspect. Go one step further by unplugging appliances and equipment you don't regularly use to reduce your energy bill.


Keep your facility running smoothly for years by scheduling your next cleaning with OpenWorks. OpenWorks offers professional cleaning and is a proud service provider for various industries. With more than 5,500 satisfied customers and1,700 service providers across North America, OpenWorks is ready to help you reduce your waste through regular maintenance and prevention. Speak with a service consultant for your service estimate today!  

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