Let's Go Compost and Hit your ESG Goals

Podcast Description

In this episode, we have special guest Lauren Click from Let's Go Compost, who will be sharing her passion for sustainability and composting and how it ties into our daily lives. She’s on a mission to help educate schools and professionals about composting and the benefits it provides. As a bonus, a compost plan can help you meet some of your ESG goals!

Breakdown of Topics

  • Lauren’s story
  • For the Love of Worms
  • Helping the Community
  • Food waste and greenhouse gases
  • ESG
  • Starting a Composting Program
  • Partnering with Your Cit

Learn more about Let’s Go Compost at https://www.letsgocompost.org

Find out more about Lauren at https://www.linkedin.com/in/laurenclick

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Podcast Transcript