Plants for Productivity and Happiness

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In this conversation, Trista interviews Paige Tisdale, a business developer at Dennis' 7 D's, a landscaping and garden center in Portland, Oregon. They discuss the history of the company, its evolution into landscaping and urban scapes, and the recent focus on interior scaping. Paige shares her personal journey into horticulture and her passion for the mental health benefits of plants.

They also explore the role of facility managers in creating a healthy and productive environment, and the importance of networking and collaboration in the industry. This conversation explores the importance of plants in the workplace and the impact of nature on the nervous system. It discusses the pleasure response to nature and the benefits of bringing nature into the built environment.

The cost of people in building operations is also examined, along with the creative benefits of nature in the workplace. The conversation highlights innovative office designs and favorite installations, as well as the watering and maintenance of living installations. It delves into the rise of plant parenthood and the subconscious benefits of plants. The role of IFMA in the industry and its promotion of wellness in the built environment are also discussed, along with resources for biophilic design.


  • Dennis' 7 D's is a local landscaping and garden center in Portland, Oregon, with a rich history dating back almost 70 years.
  • The company has evolved from a rhododendron and azalea nursery to a full-service landscaping and urban scaping provider.
  • Paige Tisdale's background in horticulture and her personal experience with the mental health benefits of plants have shaped her role in the company.
  • Facility managers have a responsibility to care for the people within their buildings, and incorporating plants into the workspace can improve mental health and productivity.
  • Find the plant ROI calculator that Paige mentions at created in conjunction with Natura.


03:05The Story of Dennis' 7 D's

04:09 Evolution of the Company

05:16Focus on Landscaping and Urban Scapes

06:13 Expansion into Interior Scaping

08:08 Interest in Horticulture and Mental Health Benefits

11:51 Bringing Wellness to Facility Management

13:09 Supportive Community in IFMA

15:29 Balancing Stress and Enjoyment in the Job

22:39The Importance of Plants in the Workplace

23:09The Impact of Nature on the Nervous System

24:14The Pleasure Response to Nature

25:10Bringing Nature into the Built Environment

26:05The Cost of People in Building Operations

27:02The Creative Benefits of Nature in the Workplace

28:28Innovative Office Designs

29:14Favorite Installations and Creative Freedom

31:38The Impact of Biophilic Design in the Oregon State Treasury Building

32:21Watering and Maintenance of Living Installations

33:06The Rise of Plant Parenthood

35:19The Subconscious Benefits of Plants

38:04The Role of IFMA in the Industry

42:24Promoting Wellness in the Built Environment

44:32Resources for Biophilic Design

The Treasury Building in Portland, Oregon
The Treasury Building, Portland, Oregon
The Treasury Building, Portland, Oregon
Paige's favorite plant, The Dracaena

Podcast Transcript