10 Tips for Growing Your Business Through Exceptional Customer Service

exceptional customer service

When was the last time you experienced good customer service? Was it average or exceptional? Exceptional customer service involves going above and beyond what your customer expects.You take an extra step to make customers feel you understand their situation, and you want to offer the best service they ever experienced.Investing in exceptional customer service will save your business from incurring massive losses.It helps you build a strong competitive advantage, improves your employees' morale, and builds repeat business.Here are 10 exceptional customer service tips that can grow your business.

1. Know What Product or Service You're Selling

Exceptional customer service begins with having an in-depth knowledge of the products and services you sell.Ensure that your employees know your businesses products and services inside and out.Be aware of the questions customers frequently ask and know how to articulate your answers in a way that satisfies them.If one of your employees gets a complaint that he or she cannot handle, let them refer the customer to another employee specializing in that area.

2. Know Your Customers

Customers love personalized services. How can you offer such? Begin by understanding their needs and wants. Interact with them through friendly conversations.Know some personal information about them, e.g., their names, their home area, and their occupation.When they come back, you can greet them by their names and even inquire how they have been since the last time you interacted. That way they'll feel appreciated and taken care off.

3. Be Quick to Respond to Your Customers' Complaints

Responsiveness is the most significant factors in providing exceptional customer service.Customers get annoyed easily if you fail to respond to their complaints, especially if the inquiry is time sensitive.Respond quickly to your customers' inquiries. Find out what their issues are. Try to resolve the issue and if you can't find a solution immediately, assure them you're looking into it, and you will get back in touch. Timely response ensures that your customers don't feel ignored.

4. Train Your Employees on Exceptional Customer Service

All employees in your organization should know how to interact with and talk to customers. Train your employees and equip them with tools they need to provide exceptional customer service.The training should be for all employees and not just your customer service representatives.

5. Be Friendly to Your Customers

Exceptional customer service begins with a smile. When interacting with customers, warm greetings, a friendly face, and a welcoming voice should be the first thing they see and hear.Friendliness makes your customers feel comfortable and free to air out their complaints. When handling your customers via phone, use a friendly voice that can make them feel comfortable.

6. Be respectful and polite

Customer service can become emotionally engaging, especially when your customers are disappointed and are complaining about a product or service.Always show respect and make them see you understand their disappointment. Be courteous while handling customers even when they're disrespectful towards you.Use polite language while addressing them. Don't get emotional while providing customer service.Respect is a two-way street, and it's an essential way of maintaining professionalism.

7. Listen to Your Customers

Listening is a simple secret to great interactions with your customers. When you listen, you hear and understand what your customers need.Listening ensures that you observe what a customer is communicating, both verbally and non-verbally. Watch out for signs of dissatisfaction in your customer's voice and facial expressions.

8. Fix Your Mistakes

Your customers' feedback is an important tool for your business's growth. It shows you areas to improve in your business.Take time to go through your customers' feedback, make improvements, and specific changes in various areas of your business.Exceptional customer service comes down to continually reviewing whether your customers are happy with your services and fixing the mistakes that occurred along the way.For instance, if a customer complains of poor service delivery, be quick to compensate and assure then of better service delivery in the future.Customers can build or destroy your business with the reviews and ratings they give.Remember that a satisfied customer will recommend your services to their friends while a dissatisfied customer will tell the whole world about your poor customer service.

9. Provide a Cleaner, Safer and Healthier Environment

Ensure your facility is clean, safe and healthy enough. This plays a significant role in ensuring your customers are happy and satisfied.On matters of hygiene, exceeding a customer's expectations can do great wonders to your business. You not only grow and develop in business but also build a good repetition and character for your business.

10. Use a Solution Driven Approach

Exceptional customer service focuses on what your customer requires. When dealing with a problematic situation, you can apply the following five steps.First, identify the problem, then analyze it. Next, identify applicable decision criteria.You then come up with multiple solutions to the issue and finally choose the ideal solution.Provide accurate and complete information to your customers to build a trustworthy relationship.

Exceptional Customer Service Is a Long Term Method of Retaining Customers

As a business owner, you want to keep your customers for long. How do you do that? Think of long term methods of running your business and retaining your customers.Exceptional customer service is one of the methods of marketing your business.If your customers are happy and satisfied with your products and services, they become loyal to your business. They market your business to their friends and family through word of mouth.Keep in mind that a customer is a lifetime asset to your business. How you treat them determines the longevity and stability of your organization.Exceptional customer service retains your existing customers and attracts potential customers.Do you want to make your facility cleaner, safer and healthier? Contact us today for high standards of cleaning services.

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