5 Common Small Business Management Stressors and How to Cope

5 Common Small Business Management Stressors and How to Cope

Managing a small business is stressful, and you can't really escape it. But you can learn to deal with the stress. The sooner you learn small business stress management, the better. Here are 5 common small business management stressors and successful ways to deal with them.

1. How Will I Get My Business Started?

Starting a new business takes time. You need to develop systems, build processes, and find customers. But a commercial cleaning franchise with OpenWorks is different and an exciting franchise opportunity.

At OpenWorks you’ll ramp up and launch in under 30 days. Besides offering multiple business models to meet your needs, we have a fair franchise fee structure and a wide variety of financing plans to meet your specific needs.

2. What Type of Marketing Will I Do?

Finding customers and new accounts is always stressful for small business owners, no matter what industry you’re in. You can make a list of who you know might need your services and start cold calling them, but that’s no fun. Luckily at OpenWorks, we do the digging for you.

OpenWorks guarantees a specified level of work for your business. You begin your commercial cleaning franchise on Day One with customers in hand. And if you’re interested in added work volume, OpenWorks will help you grow with new customer business.

3. What Are My Overhead Expenses I Should Be Aware Of?

Another source of small business stress is keeping up with rent, utilities, facilities management, etc. But with an OpenWorks franchise, you have the freedom to run your business out of your own home. This allows you to keep overhead costs to a bare minimum! You’ll also gain more time with your family while taking control of your future.

4. What Type of Training and Education Should I Have?

Staying up to speed with business management best practices and industry standards can be timely and expensive. Your training and education are taken very seriously because we know it helps you deliver the superior results and personalized service our customers expect.

You’ll have access to training from industry experts who'll help you launch your successful business within 30 days. Our integrated advanced training program includes business management, customer service, recruiting, supervision, and safety. Please talk to a Franchise Specialist for more information.

5. How Will I Stay In Business?

One of the biggest stressors small business owners face is worrying if they are recession-proof. Facility management is a $370+ billion industry with increasing demand for cleaning and disinfection services. Have peace of mind knowing you own a stable business.

A Bonus: Taking Care of Yourself

Don't forget the typical stressors of everyday life that you must deal with. Helping your family, being present, and making sure you keep your commitments. Whether you have a bustling social life--or a fun hobby you have been exploring, it's important to do things for yourself.

Remember to take time to relax, recharge, and enjoy this beautiful life you've made for yourself. When you have a powerful partner like OpenWorks, you can rest assured you can build your business and build your life at the same time.

OpenWorks also handles national and regional sales, marketing, branding, and customer support. That way, you can focus on your business while we help you grow. Ready to continue to build with OpenWorks? Checkout our franchise opportunities today.

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