7 Ways Facility Managers Care for Your Healthcare Business (So You Can Help More People)

As a healthcare business owner, you have a lot on your plate. The last thing you want to worry about is whether your facility is being properly managed.

Luckily, commercial building managers like OpenWorks are here to save the day and ensure your healthcare facility runs smoothly, safely, and efficiently by handling everything from maintenance and repairs to managing vendors and ensuring compliance with regulations.

Here are 7 ways facility managers care for your healthcare business so that you can focus on what you’re best at - providing quality healthcare to your patients.

  1. Managing Maintenance: Commercial healthcare building managers are responsible for the upkeep of your facility and ensure everything from HVAC systems to plumbing and electrical are running smoothly.

    They handle regular maintenance tasks, such as changing air filters and checking equipment, and they also manage any repairs that may be necessary. Justas your patients rely on a healthy diet and exercise to stay in tip-top shape, you can rely on your facility manager to keep your facility moving smoothly.
  2. Staying Safe: Facility managers are responsible for ensuring that the building is up to code and that all safety regulations are being followed.

    They can oversee fire safety protocols, emergency preparedness plans, and regular safety inspections, always staying on the lookout for potential hazards and ready to jump into action to keep everyone safe.
  3.  Managing Vendors: Healthcare companies rely on a variety of vendors, from cleaning and security to biohazardous waste management.

    Facility managers can handle your vendor relationships and ensure your facilities, vendors, treatment, and equipment adhere to The Joint Commission Accreditation(TJC), Det Norske Veritas, Inc (DNV), and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) compliance standards.
  4. Maintaining Compliance: Healthcare facilities are subject to strict regulations and compliance standards at the local, state, federal, and even specialty levels.

    Facility managers can manage all required inspections and audits (including the ones mentioned above) for your peace of mind and the health and safety of your immunocompromised patients.
  5.  Managing Energy Use: Healthcare buildings use a significant amount of energy, and facility managers are responsible for managing that usage.

    By implementing energy-efficient practices including sensor-based LED lighting and optimized, sterile HVAC systems, your building can reduce energy consumption and save money.
  6. Waste Disposal: Our elite network of service providers understands the stringent nature of healthcare facility hygiene, cleaning, and disinfection, one of the many reasons why we follow biomedical waste management Universal Precaution training and procedures and can even offer pre- and post-surgery aseptic cleaning, sub-sterile cleaning(including autoclave rooms) and cleanroom cleaning.
  7. Protecting Personal Information: In today's healthcare landscape, patient information safety is of utmost importance. As such, healthcare facilities must implement and maintain strict security protocols to ensure HIPAA compliance and protect both patients and staff.

    It is essential you choose a facility management team trained on the safeguarding of patient information to ensure the trust and confidence of patients and the broader healthcare community.

Facility managers are the backbone (pun intended) of any healthcare business, keeping you upright and moving forward in the right direction. Choosing OpenWorks for your healthcare facility management needs means choosing a team that truly cares.

With over 40 years of experience, OpenWorks is not your typical "one-size-fits-all" company. We prioritize your unique needs and challenges, providing consistent operational processes tailored to each healthcare facility you operate. Our hands-on, entrepreneurial approach is rooted in a commitment to improving your world and helping you avoid unnecessary risks to your business and patients. Click here to learn more about the OpenWorks promise.

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