7 Ways Facility Managers Care for Your Healthcare Business (So You Can Help More People)

Learn about 7 specific ways that facility managers care for a healthcare facility and how it benefits everyone from patients, to caregivers, and community members.

Overcoming the Challenge of Reducing Healthcare-Associated Infections

In January of 2024, the American Journal of Infection Control produced a study that shows HAIs and microbials continue to be on the rise despite disinfection protocols. Who are you putting in control of your healthcare facility cleaning? Are they experts or are they just doing the bare minimum?

How to Ensure a Safe Healthcare Environment with Commercial Cleaning Best Practices: Checklist Included

Navigating the maze of local, state, and federal storage and distribution regulations can be challenging. And keeping up with the latest trends in healthcare takes time. How can you stay up to date? Download this easy to follow checklist to know what to expect and understand what to do.

Pristine Care: Your Flu Season Guide to Dialysis Center Cleaning

Flu season is upon us. Maintaining a pristine and hygienic environment for dialysis centers is life or death. Patients with compromised immune systems rely on these facilities for life-sustaining treatments, making infection prevention a top priority.

What is a Facility Management Aggregator and How Do They Put Health Facilities at Risk?

The process of aggregating, in general, doesn’t solve a more significant problem—a unified category solution. This business model collects information about providers, signs contracts, and then sells their services under a brand—that you may or may not have heard of.

How to Find Hidden Risk in Your Healthcare Facility (CHECKLIST INCLUDED)

Download this helpful and eye opening checklist to see how much risk your facility and current service providers are adding to your daily operations by putting patients' lives are at risk.

How Aggregators Put Healthcare Facilities at Risk and How to Consolidate Facility Management Services Effectively

As healthcare gets more complex, so does the management of healthcare buildings. One answer is for leaders to hire low-cost aggregators. However, beware! A facility treating patients requires so much more oversight. Read on.