Safely Preparing Your Facilities, Buildings, and Janitorial Staff for an Unexpected Winter Storm

Preparing for inclement weather is crucial to ensure the safety of your occupants and the smooth operation of your facilities. As many parts of the country know all too well, winter storms don’t just include snow, but rain as well. (Anyone experiencing the famous Pineapple Express Atmospheric River early in February can attest to that!) Learn more about staying safe.

Navigating Compliance in Manufacturing: A Tip Sheet for Commercial Cleaning

Manufacturing is a complex industry. Between maintenance, employee morale, and following compliance regulations, the industry is a logistical challenge for sure. Download this helpful tip sheet to help you stay in compliance.

Discovering the Latest Trends in Manufacturing and Warehousing Facility Management

One of the most significant trends in building management today is automation. With the rise of Industry 4.0 (the digitization of the manufacturing sector), manufacturers and warehouses are increasingly adopting automated processes to streamline operations and reduce costs.

How Business Synergies Transcend Client-Vendor Boundaries with International Paper

Supporting IP’s productivity at several locations nationwide is a crucial collaborator: OpenWorks. This strategic partnership has helped IP consistently and confidently maintain its facilities and illustrates how cleaned, disinfected, and safe facilities support IP’s brand promise.

How to Find Hidden Risks in Your Food and Beverage Manufacturing Facility That Can Lead to Recalls or Supply Chain Disruptions (CHECKLIST INCLUDED)

Download and use this customized checklist to identify where your facilities have risks to keep your supply chain and finances safe.

Facility Management as a Profit Protector in the Food and Beverage Industry

Many view facility management it as a cost center rather than a profit protection center. How can you shift your view to protect yourself?

The State of Food and Beverage Manufacturing and How Facility Management Can Help

With the food and beverage industry "cautiously optimistic" about the future, recalls from the FDA will continue. How can the industry protect itself?