9 Important Ways Franchisors Provide Support for Franchise Owners

Are you thinking about starting your own business? Wondering what the benefits of owning a franchise are?

If you're thinking about starting a business, you may have been considering whether you should own a franchise or not. While starting a business from the ground up may seem exciting, it can also be extremely difficult. Owning a franchise can be a great alternative and will give you access to support that can make a big difference in your long-term success.

Below we'll tell you about a few of the main ways that franchisors typically offer support for franchise owners.

1. Provides Access to Supplies

One of the best things that franchisors provide to franchisees is access to supplies.

With many types of businesses, a steady stream of supplies will be needed for operations. Unfortunately, a small business will usually have very little leverage when it comes to negotiating supplier relationships. They may find that supplies are costly.

The benefit of being a part of a larger franchise is that the franchisor will often buy in bulk or will have great relationships with suppliers. This allows franchise owners to reduce costs and get better prices on essential supplies.

2. Helps With Training

Another way that franchisors support franchise owners is by providing training. Franchisors can help meet a variety of needs when it comes to training.

Franchisors may help provide train franchise owners, teaching them to how to better manage operations, meet business goals, and use the chosen business model effectively. Franchisors will also usually provide a full operations and training manual for the franchisee.

The franchisor may help business owners provide initial training and onboarding education to employees. They may also offer additional training assistance at regular intervals as well.

3. Boosts Marketing Efforts

A franchisor may also help franchisees with marketing, advertising, and public relations.

Because a franchisee will be sharing the name of the brand with other franchisees, the business will benefit from extra brand recognition. They'll also benefit from both national and local campaigns that are launched to market the franchise.

Additionally, franchisors will also usually provide the franchisee with plenty of well-crafted marketing materials that they can use. They may also provide useful advice to owners for marketing their business effectively at the local level.

4. Gives Financial Assistance

A franchisor may also help a franchise owner financially as well, and this might be done in a variety of ways. For example, a franchisor may help a franchisee get access to loans with great terms. They may be able to help them negotiate with lenders more effectively.

If a franchisee is ever in financial distress then the franchisor may also help directly as well. A franchisor may waive certain fees or offer special deals on products and supplies for a short time period.

5. Provides Administrative Support

Another way that a franchisor may help a franchise owner is by providing administrative and technical support. A franchisor may provide HR support or accounting services or may provide support for other admin duties.

This extra administrative support can be useful for keeping a business organized. It can help franchisees keep functioning efficiently and effectively.

6. Helps Choose a Location

Another benefit of working with a franchisor is that they'll usually provide help when it comes to choosing a location.

This can be very helpful for a franchise owner. The franchisor will have likely done extensive research on locations and will have plenty of data to consider. Because of this, a franchisor can help a business owner find a location to operate in that is most likely to be profitable and where they won't be facing a stiff amount of competition. 

7. Provides a Proven Business Plan

As a business owner, it's essential to have a great strategy in place for becoming profitable. Fortunately, one of the best things that a franchisor can provide a franchisee is a proven business model. 

As a franchise owner, you won't be going it alone but you'll be following a path that many other business owners have already taken. There won't be a need to create a business model from scratch or to do a lot of guesswork to find out what's profitable.

Because the franchisor has worked with many franchised businesses they have already discovered what works and what doesn't. They'll know the best methods and systems to use to create a profitable business and will have already tweaked the business plan to perfection. As a business owner, this can help provide security and will increase your chance of success.

8. Sets Standards

Franchisors will also provide franchisees with set protocols and standards to follow.

Franchisors will have certain protocols in place which dictate how a franchise owner should manage their business as well as how employees will perform their duties. While this will require franchise owners to uphold brand standards, it can also provide some great benefits and will allow business owners to take their business to the next level. 

Having access to standardized manuals and knowledge of these standards can be helpful. It will allow franchise owners to be more organized and to create a strong culture and set of standards among employees.

9. Provides Ongoing Communication

Another thing that a franchisor will usually provide a franchise owner is access to support representatives.

There will usually be a field support consultant who can serve as a point of contact for a franchise owner. This person can communicate with a franchise owner directly and may visit their business to ensure that they're meeting brand standards, working efficiently, and effectively using any support that the franchise has been given.

A franchise owner may also get support from a franchisor through local conventions or meetings that may occur from time to time. A franchise owner may also get support through a support helpline and there may also be opportunities to connect with other franchise owners as well.

Understanding How Franchisors Provide Support For Franchise Owners

If you're thinking about starting a business, it's important that you understand what you'll be getting into. Franchisors provide support for franchise owners that can make a big difference in your chance of success and has a lot of advantages over going it alone.

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