Achieving My Dream: Owning My Own Business

A Franchise Success Story: Juan C. Mercado

Started OpenWorks Franchise in 1994

"I wanted to build my own business where my family and I could grow and develop. I have owned an OpenWorks Franchise for twenty years and they have been by our side supporting our growth every day."

What I was doing before OpenWorks

I was working long hours for another janitorial franchise where my boss taught me how to do floor care and other janitorial duties. I really enjoyed the work and began to think “why can’t I run my own business instead of working for someone else’s?”. Twenty years ago, I went for my dream and opened up my own OpenWorks franchise.

Why I chose OpenWorks

I wanted to be my own boss and when I found OpenWorks, I knew that this was the company that would help me to succeed. Openworks provided me with all the guidance and support I could ask for. They taught me to build my own business through great training programs for myself and my employees. I am very happy with my decision I made years ago to purchase an OpenWorks Franchise.

My experience with OpenWorks

Openworks is always there to help and answer any questions I may have. They educated me on how to sell accounts and how to keep customers happy through good communication. These skills OpenWorks taught me contributed to my businesse’s success. My family and I are incredibly grateful for all their help and support through the years in building our own successful business.Learn more about Unit Franchise Opportunities

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