Are Your Facilities a Bottleneck in Your Supply Chain Operations? (Checklist included)

When we speak with manufacturers, 3PLs/4PLs, and distributors, we often hear: “Everything seems to be OK with our in-house or facility management provider that we’re using. There are no complaints.”

But no noise does not mean everything is OK. In fact, in working with companies like Pepsi, Lineage Logistics, Ryder, Americold, Mode Transportation agencies, Jillamy Logistics, WholeFoods, and others, we learned that once there are noise and complaints, unfortunately, it’s too late.

·        Fines and shutdown warnings may have already been issued.

·        Warehouse and distribution center productivity dropped.

·        On-time and in-full performance is already at risk.

·        Costs are rising, and margins are being reduced.

This is why we put together the checklist below to help you identify if your facilities are putting your supply chain operations and finances at risk. Use this as a tool to help converse with your team and others.


at risk checklist for facilities and warehouses
Download here: Find out what is putting you at risk by using this tool.

How OpenWorks Can Help Fix the State of Your Facilities

We do not take risks with your supply chain operations. Your industry works behind the scenes to ensure the supply chain runs smoothly. If it doesn’t, the outcome can be catastrophic.

Your supply chain facilities, including warehouses, distribution centers, and vital forward-stocking locations, require a specialized approach to facilities services. This is because the industry has nuances, needs, and compliance regulations.

OpenWorks is experienced with supply chain facilities and knows what’s at stake when all tasks are not completed correctly. We remove operational risks for logistics companies and manufacturers by using best practices within the industry while tailoring our work to the needs of each of your buildings.

We See Danger Before You Know It’s There

This is because we know a one-size-fits-all approach to all facilities is dangerous. In addition, we intentionally focus on an integrated set of services to improve efficiency with one trusted provider. Local OpenWorks teams work around schedules to avoid downtime or disruptions to an operation.

·        Trained service providers understand the regulatory and compliance requirements of the federal, state, and transportation industries.

·        Centralized service management and oversight means one point-of-contact, streamlined operations, and one source for facility data.

OpenWorks delivers a variety of reliable, personalized services to meet the needs of each of your sites. Contact us today to learn more about our manufacturing facility and warehouse facility management, and commercial cleaning.

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