Why I Chose OpenWorks: Q&A with OpenWorks Marketing and Administrative Assistant, Chloe Langtree-Welch

When Chloe Langtree-Welch was looking for new employment, she wasn't just looking for any old job. She knew she wanted to work at a place that cared about her as an employee — somewhere she could have a true career, with opportunities for learning and growth. She also wanted to work with a team of caring coworkers and have job responsibilities that she could get excited about every single day. Chloe found just that at OpenWorks, and she is excited to share why joining the OpenWorks family was one of the best decisions she ever made.

Q: What is your position at OpenWorks?A: I’m the Marketing and Administrative Assistant. I’ve been with the company for two months.Q: What do you do as the Marketing and Administrative Assistant?A: I’m responsible for implementing our monthly marketing drops for existing and prospective clients and ensuring these stay well within budget. I monitor and update our company websites and support our Strategic Accounts Team with sourcing new opportunities. As well as providing support for our Marketing Manager, Kylee, I support our CEO in the day-to-day managing of his calendar and other administrative tasks. I also support our new employees by aiding with the logistics of planning and booking travel for them.No two days are the same! I spend the first hour of the morning going through emails and our CEO’s calendar, and from there I can begin building a campaign, planning a marketing drop or drafting copy. It’s busy, but fun.Q: What interested you in OpenWorks?A: I was actively looking for a company with an emphasis on a particular kind of corporate culture, and with an opportunity to advance my career. OpenWorks is a fun and supportive environment, and there is plenty of opportunity for growth.Q: What do you love about your job?A: I have the best team! I love working with them and I am always excited to come to work on Monday mornings. OpenWorks is very transparent and keen to support its staff, which makes a big difference for me. I feel supported and challenged on a daily basis. Every day is different and there are so many opportunities to be creative. (We also have a Keurig coffee machine, which I LOVE.)Q: What makes OpenWorks the employer of choice? A: It’s a great place to spend eight hours a day! OpenWorks is a nurturing employer, and actively fosters teamwork and success. For anyone who is looking to advance their career, OpenWorks is a great employer to work for.Q: Are you excited about anything for the year ahead? A: This is an exciting time to have joined the team, as we’re looking to grow by twice as much this year. New offices and new colleagues are exciting! Also, the OpenWorks activities committee has got some great challenges planned for this year, which are going to be really fun to participate in!If you're interested in working for OpenWorks, check out our career opportunities page to learn more.

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