Do You Know Where Your School "Hot Spots" Are?

School "Hot Spots" for Germs

Absenteeism starts with presenteeism – coming to school sick. When ill students touch a doorknob, keyboard, desk or other surface, they leave germs that can live up to 48 hours. Other students and teachers pick up those germs, and the cycle continues.

Student performance suffers – absences are linked to lower achievement and higher school dropout rates.Parents’ work is affected – caring for a sick child results in 126 million lost workdays and $14.5 billion in lost productivity annually.School budgets are affected – schools spend over $2 billion on substitute teacher pay each year.

Schools have a unique set of “hot spots” that harbor most germs. We encourage all teachers and students to make a habit of washing, wiping and sanitizing!

Fingers carrying a flu virus can contaminate up to seven clean surfaces.Water fountain handles are among the top 5 “germiest” points in a school setting.Germ shedding starts up to three days before someone feels sick, putting others at risk without even knowing it.Door handles are one of the most touched surfaces in schools and a key point of germ transmissionViruses can live from 27 to 48 hours on surfaces.Studies show that only 58% of female and 48% of male middle and high school students wash their hands after using the bathroom.Highest bacteria counts per square inch are found on surfaces commonly used by teachers.The average desk has 400 times more bacteria on it than the average toilet seat.

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