Facility Management Data: Unlock Your Inner Business Genius!

As a commercial or retail facility manager, your role is no small feat. From keeping the lights on to managing a complex network of vendors and contractors, you're responsible for the seamless operation of the buildings and spaces under your purview.

But while you might have a natural talent for keeping things running smoothly, there's one area where many facility managers struggle: data.

Interpreting data can be a scary prospect. With so much in formation at your fingertips, knowing where to start or how to make sense of it all is tough! But if you're willing to take the technology plunge, there's no doubt that you’ll find that facility management data can unlock your inner business genius.

Embrace the Power of Metrics

Metrics are just like the fuel that keeps your car running. Without them, you might be able to coast for a little while, but eventually, you'll run out of steam.

Metrics give you a way to measure your progress and track your success, so embracing them as an essential part of your facility management strategy is important. Whether you're tracking energy usage or vendor performance, metrics can help you identify areas for improvement and celebrate your successes.

For its clients and service providers to harness the power of metrics, OpenWorks created a service portal offering more transparency. Because when partners work together in real-time, any working relationship’s value becomes much stronger. In addition to providing a substantial relationship, the portal also provides metrics.

Find the Story

The metrics you’ve gathered may seem like a jumbled mess of numbers and statistics at first, but with a little effort, you can create a clear picture of what's happening in your facilities.

Challenge yourself to find the story behind the data(hint: matching qualitative and quantitative data) to unlock insights that will help you make better decisions (whether saving on time, cost, or both) and improve overall performance.

Does your energy cost peak on one weekday and not another? Is a leaky faucet left on by one employee who may need a reminder to turn it off? Finding the why behind the problem and finding a solution will be easier.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Finally, it's important to remember that data is only helpful if you use it to inform your decisions. Simply collecting data won't do you any good if you don't use that information to drive your facility management strategy.

Use your metrics and your story together like a recipe with ingredients to create well-informed decisions that will make your facility(and the overall organization) the chef’s kiss. Data may seem daunting, but it's essential for unlocking your inner business genius and ensuring your facilities are operating at peak performance and contributing to the success of your organization.


OpenWorks is a leader in the facility management and janitorial services industry. Our network of expert franchise owners and independent service providers work collaboratively with us, leveraging data insights to make your facilities safer, cleaner, and more compliant. With OpenWorks, you can trust that your business is in good hands - hands guided by the latest data practices and a commitment to delivering exceptional service. Click here to learn more about the OpenWorks difference.





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