International Franchise Association Features OpenWorks

How to Avoid Burning Bridges at Work

If you have you ever thought about burning a bridge with a co-worker or supervisor, consider otherwise. Vice President of Strategic Business, Christin Myers, was recently featured on the International Franchise Association where she highlights the importance of establishing constructive and impactful relationships with co-workers, bosses, and customers."... the sphere of professional relationships tends to be small. Like it or not, we all cross paths with people from our previous jobs. Often these former colleagues will appear in a different capacity than your prior relationship. What if grumpy Gary is your next executive director? He will certainly remember if you treated him in a negative manner."It's critical to not let the difficulty of your co-worker, client, or boss, negatively impact your mindset, or worse, your performance. Understanding that you have the power to respond in a professional and mature manner will set you up for success in the future. You can't control rude or abrasive people, but you can control your thoughts and actions. Read the full article here to get more insight into the but rather how you respond, indicates maturity.

Link to article: hereFor more information on OpenWorks in the media visit here.

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