Meet Cinthia Chavez, Business Owner and Problem Solver

Turning Dreams into Reality

Cinthia Chavez purchased her OpenWorks franchise over six years ago. Throughout her time in the company, she’s been able to grow her business to a six-figure income through her hard work and dedication.  

Cinthia’s journey started while she was working at a convenience store where she quickly impressed her managers with her work ethic. It was not long after her start that she was promoted to a managerial role. Since the age of 14, she has been managing people and her desire to start her own business blossomed.  

“I was so hungry for success and so driven that it did not matter what the business was, if I started something. I had the mentality that if it works out, great, and if it does not work out, at least I can go to sleep knowing I put in 100% of my effort trying,” Cinthia said.  

Cinthia Chavez is finding tremendous success in the San Francisco market.

Dedicating 100% Effort is Not Always Easy

A few years later, she found OpenWorks and got curious as to where this opportunity may lead her. After some thought, she signed her contract and set a goal for herself. Bring in $60,000 a month. Currently, she’s now making well over double her original goal. This didn’t happen overnight and without trial and error.

She's dedicated significant periods of time in her life to making her business successful. Through ups and downs in her business, she stresses that although it is not easy, your success depends on how much you are willing to give.  

She didn’t have experience within the cleaning industry but dedicated countless hours to learning proper methods while learning how to manage and maintain a business. After picking up her first account, she grabbed the keys and spent 12 hours cleaning.

She went on to hire others who had more expertise in cleaning methods and regulations and started to learn from them. She gave her all to one account and prioritized their needs and applied that mentality to each account she gained afterward.  

“You have to know exactly where you are and how much you are willing to give. If I need to work 20 hours and sleep four hours outside the place, I will do that. If I have to do all that and then put in 10-15 hours of additional work, I will do that too,” she said.

She stresses that communication is key. “If the customer is still worried about the same thing (over and over), then you have to get creative: take a video, take a picture of it, and document what was done. It may be an extra step and time-consuming, but you have to understand the customer’s standpoint.

What are you willing to do? What do you want in life? That’s the number one thing that you have to get straight. If you do not know where you want to be, you are kind of playing darts in the dark.”

Cynthia Chavez, featured far right stands with OpenWorks employees, Mary Torrado, Vice President of Strategic Operations (center), and Jennifer Jones, Director of Franchise Programs & Development (left).

The Key to Becoming Successful

Cinthia stressed that the customer must come first, no matter the situation. Success does not just come from cleaning; it comes from good communication as well. What may seem like a small thing to that customer is never just a small thing.  

Cinthia says that not taking feedback personally, along with clear communication is what helps her. Solid communication leads to less stress across the board. Cinthia says she is always looking at how one can help improve any situation.

Owning a business is not light work either. Having to sacrifice a lot of important events in life got Cinthia to where she is now. She knew it would take a lot of effort and setting her priorities straight.  

"I mean, how badly do you want it? Do you want it bad enough to go through the worst? What are you willing to endure for success?”

Cinthia reflected on what being a franchisee taught her as well. It taught her how to improve her communication and how to better solve problems. Between her business and her personal life, she has been able to apply different lessons she has learned to both.  

She became successful by dedicating herself to her customers and going 100% in.  

If you want to see success and think you have what it takes to own your own commercial cleaning business, reach out to us! You may just find yourself learning and doing things you never thought possible.

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Meet Cinthia Chavez, Business Owner and Problem Solver

Meet OpenWorks Franchisee, Cinthia Chavez. Find out how she has become incredibly successful and gained an incredible amount of knowledge in her journey of business ownership.
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