The No Sales Advantage of OpenWorks

Repeat after me: no sales. We know what you’re thinking, how can you run a commercial cleaning company without completing any sales? Well to put it simply, you don’t. That’s precisely why so many hopeful entrepreneurs turn away from commercial cleaning. We get it; you want to focus on the business instead of wooing new clients. That’s why we do the sales for you.At OpenWorks, our corporate team does the selling for you!What does that mean for you as a franchisee? It means you get to focus on what you do best -- people. Successful franchisees at OpenWorks have great communication skills and experience managing people and clients. We believe the relationship our franchisees have with their clients is a major priority. That’s why we do the sales, so that you can maintain and expand your relationships for satisfied clients.In fact, our business model of valuing relationships has achieved an 88 percent client retention rate. Compare that rate to the industry average of 45 percent. We’re able to achieve such a great retention rate because you, as the franchisee, can focus all your time on providing stellar facility services and creating long-lasting client relationships.But that’s not all. At OpenWorks, we provide you with accounts so you can get your business up and running from the very beginning. Then we continue to do the selling if you desire so you can rest easy as you focus on your current clients. Talk about a relief, right?We understand you want to focus on what you love. So we provide you with equipment, supplies and training to reduce your operational expenses and quality control issues, unlike other janitorial franchisors. Are you ready to start a business so you can put your skills to work?Check out our Unit Franchise Opportunities!

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