OpenWorks CEO Eric Roudi Featured in Immpreneur

Five Ways to Create a Winning Team

OpenWork founder and CEO, Eric Roudi was recently featured in Immpreneur, a site that shares stories of people who’ve come to this country, often with little savings, and built thriving businesses and successful lives in the U.S. In this article Roudi shares the lessons he's learned and what he believes to be the five ways to create a winning team:

1. Make sure everybody is rowing in the same direction. That's important because in a lot of organizations, even if you think everybody knows where they're going, there's still  no alignment. The more aligned my people's objectives are with mine, the faster we move toward a common objective.

2. Make sure that everyone comes to work every day knowing where the company is going and where their place is on that bus. Make sure that everyone has bought into this vision; it's probably the most important job the CEO has. How do you make sure that happens? A lot of sweat and hard work.

"It's not just about money; it's also about having fun and enjoying one's job and one's colleagues and work environment."

3.  Reward people as they get aligned with you and as you achieve results. It's making sure that what they do, their job description aligns with their talent and where you want to go.

4. Above all, give recognition to your people, and make it a fun environment for them to be in. In the end, it's not just about money; it's also about having fun and enjoying one's job and one's colleagues and work environment. It's all about human capital.

5. Hire great people who can execute; it's more important than having a great strategy. People say successful businesses its about strategy, people and execution. Strategy is important, but in a lot of cases it's overrated or overhyped, especially if people are not aligned.View the full article originally featured on Immpreneur here.

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