Owning my Own Commercial Cleaning Business

A Success Story

Avi Kumar

Started OpenWorks Franchise in 2009

"I love what I'm doing. Owning my own commercial cleaning business, an OpenWorks Franchise, is better than an 8 to 5 job, trust me. OpenWorks gave us an opportunity, we proved ourselves, and they continue to bring in more business for us."


Before OpenWorks I owned a cleaning franchise with another company. I did not have desirable experiences with past jobs; I was on the road traveling a lot, which did not allow me enough time at home to spend with my family.


I have family members that have had a lot of success in the cleaning industry, that is the main reason I looked into a commercial cleaning business. My wife and I did a lot of research and based on my experience with other companies we were able to make a decision that OpenWorks was the company that would be able to help us grow. We saw a lot of success with other OpenWorks' franchisees, so we knew we were making the right decision. OpenWorks gave us an opportunity, we proved ourselves, and they have continued to bring in business for us and helped us to grow.


The best experience is when you get an account and OpenWorks goes above and beyond to help you. The OpenWorks team and their District Managers work with you to help make your business move forward. When I need to hold an interview to hire new employees, OpenWorks' office is always welcoming and allow me to do so in a professional way. OpenWorks also holds franchisee meetings to go over any issues, changes, or to answer any questions we have. If OpenWorks knows your goal and where you want to go, they will help you out and make it happen!Learn more about Unit Franchise Opportunities

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