Retiring from Retirement with OpenWorks

More and more people who are retired find themselves unhappy. The prospect of not working or insufficient funds, leads them to think about rejoining the workforce. But after years of building a successful career you probably don’t want to start at the bottom of the ladder again. What’s a smart retiree to do?The solution: open your own business. In your new career you get to be the boss and find independence. Not to mention you’ll get an exciting business prospect to keep you occupied and away from boredom. But the smartest decision of all? Open your own franchise. Here’s why this is the ideal option for you.Proven business model. Franchise systems have already tested the waters with their business model. That means you get to take their hard earned lessons and apply the solutions from the start. In fact, a good franchise is already flexible and adaptable to your potential desired location. OpenWorks allows you to take our proven business model and needed services for success anywhere.Make the most of your current skills. Instead of starting over, you’ll be building on the skills you already have while challenging yourself. Pick a franchise that is suited to your interests and skills for maximum success. For example, OpenWorks is a great choice for those who have people and communication skills, plus we do the selling for you.Get started right away. Franchise systems have branding and buying power already. That means you’ll have lower costs for supplies, lower startup costs than your own business, and assistance from the franchisor. When you take that along with the brand recognition from other existing franchises you’ll be able to hit the ground running. Bonus: Since OpenWorks does the selling for you, you’ll really start the ground running with a list of clients waiting for you.Lastly, you need to be wary of the cost of the franchise before you buy in. Costs and fees can range from small to great depending on the particular franchise system. At OpenWorks we have a much lower cost for those who don’t want to break the retirement bank.Are you ready to retire from retirement with OpenWorks? Learn more about our franchise opportunities here!

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