Should You Buy a Cleaning Company Franchise or Go Solo? Things to Consider

Tired of the rush hour rat race and running to punch the time clock every morning? No matter what kind of job you have today, if you’re on the clock, you answer to someone other than yourself.Maybe you work for a residential or commercial cleaning company and wonder why you can’t start your own business. Of course, you can but is it better if you go solo or partner up with a franchise?Below we talk about several benefits you can enjoy when you buy a cleaning company franchise.

Do You Want a Ready-Made Business?

You’ve likely heard of many things you can get in a box. Look at the latest craze — bed-in-a-box. What about a business in a box?Let’s clarify what we mean by business in a box. Unlike those popular mattresses shipping out all rolled up in a large box, a cleaning company franchise doesn’t come neatly packaged in a box small enough for front porch delivery.The business in a box concept means the franchise supplies the bones for your business. You’ll have access to proven systems, business forms, company logo, and other items that ensure you have a successful start.You can open the box, read the directions, and start building your business. The franchise does most of the legwork for you. This means less homework than if you start a business from scratch.

Improved Financing Opportunities

Have you heard the hype about starting a business on a shoestring? While there may be that rare entrepreneur who started out with a tiny financial investment, most business start-ups need a nice chunk of change (also called capital) at the beginning.Whether you partner with a cleaning service franchise or go solo, you’ll need capital.The average person doesn’t have a big bank account or a wealthy relative. That means you’ll find other sources of financing for your business. Franchises often step in and help new franchisees with the funding process.Be aware this doesn’t necessarily mean the franchise extends a business loan to you. However, they usually offer help finding a lender. Also, when you have the backing of a franchise, lenders are more comfortable underwriting a business loan for you.

Your Own Personal Trainer

Whether you’re considering a residential or commercial cleaning business, neither works well as a one-man show.Sure, when you’re just starting out, you might get away with working alone. As the business grows, you’ll need team members. Team members need training.Come to think of it, you’ll need training too!When you use a franchise model, you tap into an entire training and support system. We’ll talk about support later but why not take advantage of what a cleaning company franchise can offer in the way of training?A franchise provides extensive training for every piece of the business operations puzzle. That includes training that helps you and your staff understand and implement the company’s business model.Consider how many years you might spend learning cleaning industry secrets on your own.When you invest in a franchise, you gain access to the franchise leaders’ collective years-worth of knowledge, experience, and yes, the tricks of the trade. Sounds enticing, doesn’t it?

Marketing Advantage of a Cleaning Company Franchise

Imagine the following scenario. You’ve started your dream business. You have your team in place and shirts printed with your awesome logo.Where are the clients?Your next critical business step is marketing and promoting your new cleaning business. Marketing is an area where most new business owners struggle. Unless you have a marketing degree or marketing experience, it’s likely you don’t understand the nuances of marketing and advertising.Your franchise leaders know all about marketing. They have an entire department devoted to creating advertising campaigns. They know what it takes to bring customers to your door.Speaking of marketing, have you heard of brand awareness?

Brand Awareness Is a Big Thing

Those beautiful shirts with the franchise logo are part of brand awareness. But a brand is much more than a logo.Branding includes your company values and the experience you hope your customers have when they choose you as their cleaning company. The franchise brand is what makes your business different than all those other cleaning companies.Brand awareness is a marketing term and it relates to how well people recognize a product or business by its name. Here are some of the ways a business builds brand awareness:

  • Signage and branded packaging
  • Website and online marketing
  • Social media
  • Sales and customer service

When you buy into a cleaning franchise, you enjoy instant brand awareness! It’s not that you won’t help increase your brand awareness, but the franchise does most of the work for you.

Built-In Business Support

Ask any solo business owner about the challenges they face, and most will talk about loneliness.On your own, you must forge your own support network. When you struggle or have questions, it’s on you to find the answer.One of the most popular aspects of partnering with a franchise is the ongoing support the franchise provides.As a franchise owner, you’ll have a support team who can answer questions about business practices. They can also address any concerns you encounter while running your business. Support also comes in the form of continuing education.Don’t be a loner—be part of a well-established team and you’ll have better opportunities for success.

Need More Information?

Hopefully, we’ve helped you understand a few of the awesome benefits of buying a cleaning company franchise.While some people choose the solo journey of business ownership, as you can see, joining forces with a franchise offers multiple benefits. Which benefits sound most attractive to you?Is it the idea of buying a ready-to-go business with a proven marketing and branding awareness plan in place? Maybe you like the fact that a franchise offers ongoing training and support. Whatever aspect of franchise ownership appeals to you, we’d love to talk with you.Contact us today and let’s get started!

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