Small Business Support with OpenWorks

When you are a franchisee, you’re a small business owner. You can run your business, call the shots, make your own schedule, hire a team and make their schedules, provide benefits, mentor and coach…. wait a minute.

This is beginning to sound like a lot. And it is.

As a business owner, you don’t just work and then go home and kick your feet up. It means you do the actual work that your business provides, but then you also must figure out and provide human resources support like hiring and training, as well as ordering supplies.

But, when you’re a small business owner and franchisee with OpenWorks, you’re not alone.

We provide many resources for all business-running aspects and teach you how to utilize them!

Here are 13 vendor partners that OpenWorks provides to its franchisees and why a small business owner would want to use them.

Have questions about how we work with our partners or how to engage? Reach out to the Customer Experience team. They’ll point you in the right direction.

Careington Offers ancillary medical programs at an affordable price!
For dental, the company offers DentalPass, which is an OpenWorks specific program at $5/mo/employee or $8/mo/family. Vision, Telehealth and primary care options coming soon!

GigSmart connects freelance workers with flexible jobs in a wide array of categories, from driving and daycare to warehouse work and customer service. It is an app-based temporary staffing solution and the franchisee must be on site during the shift.

Guidant Financial provides business financing solutions to new and existing entrepreneurs. The company specializes in Rollovers as Business Startups and Small Business Administration loans. The company uses retirement funds (ROTH/401k) to convert to working business capital.

Human Interest is an online employee retirement benefits provider that specializes in providing cost-effective, easy-to-use 401(k) plans to small businesses. It helps businesses navigate state-mandated retirement program set-up.

INFINITI HR helps reduce costs by managing human resource functions, allowing businesses to focus on their core operations that impact profitability. Their platform provides full regulatory compliance management, on-demand HR guidance, real-time payroll /tax filing, POS integration and access into industry leading True-Group master policies for employment practices liability insurance, and other operational business coverages. The cost is $150/month regardless number of  employees or payroll cycles.

Mutual of Omaha provides life Insurance, financial services, and Medicare supplement insurance.

•Occuscreen provides background checks and drug screens, as well as other customizable programs.

Reward Builder lets you create custom reward certificates that can include your company's logo, an occasion image, and a personal message. Recipients redeem their rewards for what appeals most to them. If they choose to redeem for products, their reward value doubles!

Shoes for crews is a functional footwear store stocking a variety of slip-resistant shoes and boots for men and women. They offer employer payroll deduction options.

Spartan proactively provides services, chemicals, and system solutions in a cost-effective manner. The company has a 650,000 sq. ft. facility in Ohio which includes a training center.

Staples offers NSA-preferred pricing and the ability to order all products offered by Staples. This includes chemicals, equipment, office supplies,  technology, a mobile app and the ability to scan barcodes to order or reorder.

Sunbelt offers equipment rental solutions on daily/weekly/monthly rates. Classes are offered online or in-person. They offer facility cleaning and management training with ISSACMI-certified trainers. They also have concrete polishing, floorcare training and certifications with localized support.

Workstream is a fully customized platform designed to track job postings, engage applicants, as well as update and onboard faster. It helps manage large volumes of applications and reduce ghosting. They have personalized customer service along with mobile capabilities.

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Small Business Support with OpenWorks

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