The 6 Advantages of Franchising Your Cleaning Business

advantages of franchising

One in every ten American businesses is a franchise. Some of the most popular franchises include McDonald's, Subway, Pinkberry, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, and Wendy's.These establishments become so popular because they're reaping the benefits of franchising. It doesn't only apply to food establishments. Your cleaning company can reap these benefits too.Continue reading to find out the advantages of franchising your cleaning business.

What Does it Mean to Franchise Your Cleaning Business?

The term 'franchising' means you're allowed to use a specific trademark in exchange for payment. The payments are usually a one-time operation fee and ongoing royalties. The amount of royalties varies from one franchise to another.But why would you want to use another person's trademark? There are many benefits associated with franchising your company.Some of the most successful businesses are franchises. For example, McDonald's is a franchise.The franchise company typically offers more than just its trademark. Your company will receive the benefits of a large-scale operation with an established reputation for quality, while retaining a small business feel that goes a long way in the cleaning business.

6 Advantages of Franchising Your Cleaning Business

The benefits of franchising your cleaning business are many. Some people already have businesses of their own, but are looking to decrease overhead and get more support. Others don't yet have cleaning businesses and are hoping to start one without fronting the full cost.No matter which way you decide to enter into a cleaning business franchise, there are several benefits you can reap from doing so. The six best advantages of franchising are listed below.

1. Better Job Satisfaction & Security

One of the biggest advantages of franchising is better job satisfaction and the job security that comes from alignment with OpenWorks, an established leader in the cleaning business. These two factors alone make it easier to get up for work each morning.

2. Lower Upfront Costs

If you haven't already started your own cleaning business, but want to, franchise opportunities typically require lower upfront costs. This is because the franchise has connections and discounts that they can pass on to you.

3. Reduced Risk

When you're part of a franchise, there is reduced risk. To begin with, it's harder to fail when you're given a business model that's already been proven successful. This is discussed further in the article.Lower investment on your behalf and the backing of a larger reputable corporation also reduces risk. There is less stress in gaining clients or building a reputation. Management is more efficient.

4. Easy Hiring

One of the advantages of franchising a cleaning company is that it's easy to hire staff. Cleaning is a highly trainable skill that anyone can learn. You don't need applicants with college degrees, only ones with a desire to learn.Often, a franchise can supply you with invaluable information on how to hire the right candidates. You'll have the knowledge of professionals backing you from day one.

5. An Established Brand

If you were to start your own cleaning company, you'd have to fight to build a brand reputation. You'd begin from scratch and spend countless hours trying to gain clients. Once clients are gained, you'd need to beg for reviews and word-of-mouth to build your company's reputation.When you franchise, you're working with a brand name that is already well established. People already know and trust your brand, so you can easily skip all of the startup hurdles faced by typical cleaning businesses.

6. Training Opportunities

Franchises often offer training opportunities for their locations. This might include management or financial training for you. It might also include training materials for the people you hire.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cleaning Company Franchising

People have a lot of questions about franchising their cleaning companies. Below are a few of the most frequently asked questions we've seen:

Do you have to already own a cleaning business?

It depends on the company you choose to franchise with, but usually not.

Is it expensive to open a cleaning business franchise?

Not when compared to the costs of opening a cleaning business on your own. The costs of opening a franchise are significantly smaller than those faced by independent startups.

Are there requirements to be a franchise owner?

Each franchise opportunity will have its own set of guidelines for potential franchisers. Generally, the requirements are financial. This is something you need to discuss with the franchise you hope to work with.

How much time does it take to run a franchised cleaning business?

Running a franchised cleaning business is a lot easier than running a local company with no backing. It is still a business, however, and requires full-time working hours. Often, overtime is also required.

How old do I have to be to operate a franchised cleaning company?

This will depend on your state's laws, as well as federal regulations. Most locations require business owners to be at least eighteen. That age might be higher in certain locations.

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