The Invisible Impact of Facility Maintenance

Managing costs and liabilities while providing maximum value for tenants is a prominent need for all building/facilities owners or managers. This balancing act can include so many variables and pitfalls to avoid that it seems like only a crystal ball could possibly help.

Luckily, by employing proper facilities management you can avoid these hidden issues. In addition to not having a modern facilities management company, ifyou choose a low cost one, be aware. That low-cost commercial cleaning company can cause chaos.

 Safety First!

Safety should come before all else for everyone involved in building operations. But, even with extremely high standards, safety issues are bound to pop up for building owners at some point, usually in inopportune times.

Issues like mold, floor damage, water damage, and improper electrical functioning are just some of the safety concerns that can come up. By practicing proper cleaning and maintenance techniques these issues can be made relatively small and easily manageable.  

Attracting Potential Tenants

A building’s reputation is as important to tenants as the facility’s location, size, and cost to rent or buy. By letting building standards lapse, potential customers are that much more unlikely to show interest in bringing their business to a damaged or unclean facility.

A well-kept facility on the other hand can attract new tenants, even some who would make other sacrifices in price, size, and location.  

Unnecessary Costs

It is, of course, much less expensive to keep up with normal building upkeep and cleaning than it is to have to constantly play catch up with repairs and an overly dirty facility. A facility’s HVAC system is a good example of something where regular maintenance can often be put off or overlooked but can be wildly expensive to replace.

Hiring a facilities maintenance organization can be a good way to take the burden from the building’s owners and ensure that all regular maintenance and cleaning is taken care of.

Disorganization Leads to Less Team Productivity

Your building repair person is spending the next 10 days repairing a lighting system and they can’t keep up with regular scheduled maintenance of some of the other areas of the facility. Not good. Even just an overly confusing schedule of facilities maintenance and cleaning can leave a team scrambling to keep up.

These losses of productivity are taxing on budgets, building tenants, and employee retention. These losses are also unnecessary. By outsourcing building operations to a well-run facilities maintenance business, all these stresses, and more, can be alleviated.

There’s More to Explore with Facilities Maintenance Companies

While eliminating the needless costs stemming from improper building maintenance is compelling, there are more benefits to employing a business dedicated to facilities maintenance.

Facilities maintenance organizations can provide, not only clean, but sanitary conditions for healthcare clinics and hospitals. They can also ensure consistent and reliable services, and more environmentally friendly services.

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