This Professional Cleaning Benefit is #1 On People's List - You Won't Guess What It Is!

Have you ever received a massage for your birthday? All the tools needed for a spa night at home? Maybe a friend who said they'd watch the kids so you can have a date night? Those gifts were more about giving just a present and giving a feeling of relief, relaxation, and tranquility.

Guess what? Professional cleaning is similar in concept! By hiring a professional cleaner, you're doing much more for your tenants (and their employees) than swapping out empty toilet paper rolls, taking out the trash, or changing a dead lightbulb. You're giving them the peace and comfort of coming into a place of work where they feel like they're able to work their best.

Not Being Clean Comes at a Cost

Imagine going into a job interview, a client meeting, or a vendor showroom. While the conversation goes beyond your expectations, there's a month-old coffee cup in the corner, a recycling bin toppled over next to it; and a strange odor floating your way thanks to the A/C (that's also making a bit of a peculiar noise).

Like it or not, appearances are everything that goes well beyond a first impression. Let your employees focus on what they do best (their actual job) by giving them a clean environment where they can thrive.

Job Satisfaction in a World Post-Remote

You can't fight the numbers. People were happy working from home during the pandemic, and studies show most outperformed themselves compared to their time in office. Now, as we safely return to the office, whether full-time or sometimes (known as a hybrid schedule), it's up to us to make our offices feel like our true home away from home.

In addition, as large companies like Starbucks, Apple, and Microsoft tell their employees to come back to the office at least two or three days a week, you can be assured that other companies will follow their lead.

Feeling motivated and secure doesn't just help employees feel happier; it helps keep retention rates high and turnover low. Need any more proof? Take a look at Twitter's steeply declining employment rates among all seniority levels and departments and its correlation to Elon Musk removing toilet paper from their public bathrooms.

Read our take on Twitter's lack of cleanliness here.

Real People Caring for Real People

People like being taken care of, and people like being cared for. Most importantly, people need to feel safe. And that's where OpenWorks comes in.

OpenWorks is more than janitorial services. We're the leader in facility management because we care about what we do and the people we work with. Our unparalleled quality, customer service, robust technology solutions, and proven network of elite service providers continue to deliver consistent solutions that exceed expectations and have earned us an industry-leading 99% customer retention rate.

Our mission is to make your world work better. And we're here to get you there every step of the way. This year, make your employees your priority by taking care of them where they need it the most – at the office. Schedule your free consultation with OpenWorks to learn about our janitorial services today.

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