Top Reasons Why This Is One Of The Best Franchises For Veterans

best franchises for veterans

When you're out of the service, you might be wondering what you're going to do with your life.What type of job is going to allow you to use the skills you gained in the military and what are the best franchises for veterans? Depending on what your MOS was when you were in the service, it may or may not be very applicable to most types of work.Being your own boss can be one of the best options for veterans with the need for a certain type of work environment. Continue reading this article to learn why this franchise is one of the best options for veterans that want to own their own business.

Commitment to Excellence

As a veteran, you have a certain type of work ethic and commitment to getting things done. Many civilians don't understand your attitude but we appreciate and require hard work and the best service.We require that you treat your employees right and be willing to invest in yourself and in your future. If you were in leadership in the military, you know how to lead and having the responsibility of taking good care of your team members can be very rewarding.In the military, your life depends on doing a good job. When you work with our franchise, we value franchise owners that take their work with this level of seriousness which makes this franchise one of the best franchises for veterans.

Guaranteed Customers

If you aren't good at selling, you might find it difficult to run your own business. With OpenWorks, you can put your nerves to rest knowing that you don't have to sell.Many veterans get out of the service and find it difficult to interact with people. Sales are the last thing many veterans want to do and we can help you with that because we provide you with guaranteed customers.

Top-Notch Training

As a veteran, you know how to execute orders and how to take action on your training. If you've tried to run your own business before without being a part of a franchise, you might have found it difficult.We understand that veterans love structure in their work. We train you not only on how to do commercial cleaning but we also train you on how to run your business.There is a lot to learn about becoming a successful business owner and when you're one of our franchisees, we work with you as you're learning it. We know you're not going to know everything overnight and we work with you throughout each step of the process.All of our training, both the initial training and ongoing training, is included. We want you to be successful, so we don't charge extra for it.

No Surprise Costs

When you work with some other companies to become a franchisee, you might run into unexpected costs. When you work with us, you get a full package which makes it easy for you to get started.The package includes all of the equipment you need to get started. Some other companies require that you buy the equipment as an additional cost. We want to make it easy for veterans to get started and this is one of the ways we take extra steps out of the process for you.

We're a Brand You Can Trust & Get Behind

As a veteran, you know how important it is to align yourself with the right people to succeed. If one of your team members is weak, it hurts the entire unit.Our company was established in 1983, so we have the stickability factor in our corner. We know how to do business in a way that makes for a long-lasting opportunity for you and your family.We are financially strong so you can be confident that you don't have to worry about financial issues with the company. We have over thirty million dollars in revenue and we offer you a full-time partnership opportunity.

The Cleaning Industry Is Promising

Not only are you already great at cleaning due to your military experience, but another benefit is that the cleaning industry is promising. Even if we see another recession, people still need their cleaning service, so they can keep working.We see beyond cleaning buildings. We are constantly growing our knowledge base, so we are able to offer you, the veteran, the best opportunity possible.With over 3.24 million people working in the cleaning industry already, there is plenty of pie left to get your slice. Being able to capitalize on this opportunity will allow you to help proud business owners keep their places of work in the best condition possible and it will also be very financially rewarding.If you want to work in an industry that has unlimited potential growth and partner with a company that will help you as you go through the learning process, we are the best company for you to turn to for franchising opportunities.You'll become a part of our family. Your success is important to us and we will continue to learn and teach as the cleaning industry develops and goes through various innovations.

One of the Best Franchises for Veterans Can Change Your Life

Starting your own business and having to figure everything out on your own can be frustrating. You already knew you wanted to go with a franchise, but now you have an idea of why this is one of the best franchises for veterans.Are you ready to get started on your exciting journey? Visit our site and get started with us today.

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