Why Business Referrals Are Your Best Friend

What personality traits come to mind when you think about your best friend? Maybe loyal, trustworthy, and supportive come to mind.

Well, business referrals are just like your best friend. Like a best friend, they will support your business, make you a more trustworthy resource, and create loyal customers. And, what could be better than that?

Business referrals aren't anything new. Contrary to the latest and greatest technological advances, business referrals rely on traditional marketing tactics and developing a sense of connection and trust. And just like your best friend's inclination to set you up on a date, a customer will refer your business to someone they care about if they believe your services and products are worthwhile.

And, what better compliment is that?

There are many reasons to have a business referral program. Word of mouth is still an important marketing tool and should be used to your advantage.

Read on to learn more about the importance of business referrals and how to implement a referral system at your place of business.

Business Referrals: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Today, marketing has evolved into a more technological, automated, and data-driven industry. While marketers still seek to connect with their target audience, many marketing tactics can be impersonal. One of the most personal and complimentary marketing tools is, however, a business referral.

Explore the following reasons why business referrals are like a best friend and how to start a referral program at your business.

1. Increased Sales Volume

At the end of the day, sales matter greatly to a business. And, focusing on making customers happy can result in an increase in sales. When one customer finds delight in your services, they're more likely to refer your business to a friend, relative, or even a stranger.

This results in an increase in total sales. And, if the referred customer is also satisfied with your business and services, then it's likely that they will refer another person to your services. This power of the word of mouth can then catapult your business into "the place to go," giving you a significant advantage in your market.

2. Trust

Customers need to trust you and your business. First-time customers may feel like they are taking a leap of faith, but when you deliver excellent service then they come to trust you even more. This trust can then translate to business referrals where a new customer is already more trusting of your services.

Referred customers are then less skeptical and more willing to trust your judgment. An overall increase in trust can then result in a better reputation for your business as well.

Consider for a moment, the importance of online reviews. People online are usually willing to trust the reviews of strangers. They trust these customers because they know they have already done business with a particular company.

Positive business referrals of any kind promote an increased sense of trust. Of course, it's your job to cultivate this trust through quality service. But, if you're receiving business referrals then it means that you're certainly doing something right.

3. Loyalty

When a customer refers your business to another person or business it denotes a sense of loyalty. They become more invested in your business because it's something they believe in. They will be more willing to defend your business as well as promote it to others.

This creates a sense of loyalty to your brand and business. This type of loyalty can help your business grow as customers become your most avid supporters and marketers. And, the best part is that this type of loyalty costs absolutely nothing except extending the effort to excel at what you do!

4. Increased Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is something that takes time to build. When business referrals are pouring in, however, you'll know that you're branding strategy is making a difference. People are connecting with your mission and your values.

Just like two best friends who share common interests, customers are connecting with what your brand stands for.

6. New customers

Business owners know that it can take a lot of time and effort to gain a new customer. Business referrals allow your previous customers to do the work for you.

New customers mean more sales, more business, and even expansion, which is what all businesses are trying to achieve. New customers can also mean additional business referrals which are the gift that keeps on giving.

7. Enhanced Customer Relationship

When someone is willing to refer your business to a friend, then it shows that they've developed a positive view of your business. This positive view enhances the relationship between your business and the customer. This will make future interactions flow more smoothly and be easier to navigate.

8. Larger Purchase Values

Another benefit of business referrals is larger purchase values. This can be true for the referring customer and the new customer. This is because of an increase in trust before doing business.

At first, a customer may want to make a smaller purchase to "test the waters." When a successful transaction occurs, however, larger purchases in the future are more likely. So, when a customer refers a friend to your services, they are less guarded and more likely to purchase more.

9. Affirmation

What could be better than knowing that you're doing a good job? Business referrals are a strong indication that you're doing something right and that your business is operating efficiently. Business referrals are the biggest compliment to your business and the more you are receiving the more affirming that is.

Business Referrals: Creating a Referral Program

Business referrals are more effective when you have a referral program in place. Referral programs can target other businesses, influencers, or customers.

The goal of your referral program should be mutual satisfaction. This means that you offer a reward, gift, or a referral for their business in return. In this way, you create partnerships and mutually beneficial relationships where appreciation and reciprocation are at the forefront.

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