Why OpenWorks is the Perfect Franchise for Veterans

Franchise Opportunity for Veterans

In the service, did you easily adapt to polishing your boots and keeping your bunk ship-shape? Do you enjoy the feeling of creating tidy, clean and functional spaces? If so, OpenWorks may be the perfect franchise opportunity for you! We provide commercial cleaning services to a variety of sectors, including hospitals, educational centers, financial facilities, office spaces and the hospitality industry.Veterans working with OpenWorks tend to be successful because their personal drive, training, and career goals overlap well with the OpenWorks mind-set.

Fulfill a personal mission

Clear organizational goals, along with personal reasons for serving, drove you toward success each day in the military. You poured yourself into honing your skills, supporting your team and reaching goals that were set. You knew what you were trying to accomplish and you pursued that with passion.As you transition out of the military and into civilian life, you may feel like it is hard to replace the passion that comes from dedicating yourself to a clear mission.Franchise ownership can help fill this gap. It gives you an outlet for your determination and offers you the chance to pursue your own personal mission. Suddenly, you can build a team around a shared purpose and be driven by your own need for accomplishment again.

Leverage your leadership skills

From boot camp to officer training, the military pushed you to make the most of yourself and those around you. You were trained to step forward and do whatever it took to ensure the success of the mission, to develop the skills of those around you and to act with honor. You became a leader.The ability to be a leader is fundamental to the success of franchise ownership. From setting expectations with customers to helping new employees learn how to deliver great service, a strong leader is needed to make sure the business runs smoothly and that your customers are satisfied.

Dedicated route to employment

Franchise ownership offers you the chance to quickly employ your skills with less risk than opening a business under your own brand. First, when you start with OpenWorks, we provide you with your own customer base. This means you don’t need to have a sales background to be successful.Second, we supply significant training to our franchise owners. We want you to be thoroughly prepared to provide top-quality service. You will begin by learning the basics of commercial cleaning. In time, you will be trained in additional areas, such as customer service, safety and the supervision of other workers.More than 10 percent of small businesses are owned by veterans. These men and women have found a new personal mission, a chance to showcase their leadership skills and financial stability after transitioning out of the military. Are you ready to join them? Contact OpenWorks to get started. We offer a discount on our franchise for veterans!

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