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Today is National No Brainer Day. The day encourages us to stop over-analyzing and second guessing ourselves. It’s meant for stepping back and recognizing that some of our big problems have simple solutions. For facility and property managers, creating a clean, healthy, and safe environment for employees and tenants is one of those big challenges. OpenWorks is the simple solution, making a partnership with our service providers a no brainer!OpenWorks offers cost-effective top-of-the-line integrated facility services, allowing facility and property managers to focus on optimizing the building’s potential while leaving facility maintenance to our experts. Our full-service capabilities make working with OpenWorks a no brainer, because we:Maximize Your Facility’s ImageFrom hotels to schools to office buildings, clean, well-maintained spaces consistently receive higher customer satisfaction ratings. In fact, cleanliness is cited as the number one influencer in terms of repeat business in the restaurant and retail spaces. It also tops the list in the hospitality industry. People simply feel good when they enter spaces that are clean. Clean spaces motivate, inspire, and excite guests, tenants, and employees. Buildings that are clean and well-maintained leave a positive, lasting impression.Save Time and MoneyOpenWorks providers are efficient, respectful, and properly trained. They use repeatable janitorial, landscaping, and facility maintenance processes, so you can expect the same top-quality results each time we provide service. Their extensive state-of-the-art training ensures that they operate under the proper safety and compliance guidelines, so you can rest assured that your property is cared for well at a reasonable rate.Because you can trust in the service providers who are taking care of your building, you and your staff do not need to spend time overseeing jobs and facilitating projects. You can turn your attention to initiatives that have a greater impact on the bottom line. Outsourcing facility management services to OpenWorks reduces the total cost of maintenance while freeing up internal resources.Increase ProductivityIn office spaces that are ripe with employee illness, productivity and output can drop by as much as 54 percent. Fortunately, cleaning and proper facility maintenance help stop the spread of germs and reduce employee absenteeism. OpenWorks helps facility managers ensure a productive work environment; we keep your building tidy, sanitary and ready for work. This cleaner work environment contributes to overall employee health and cuts down on employee sick time. Fewer sick employees means increased productivity and greater success for your company.It’s a no brainer to devote your resources to what you do best and leave the cleaning, maintenance, and handyman services to OpenWorks. For more information on how OpenWorks’ unique integrated facility services can make a difference for you and your facility visit

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