Your Facilities Guide: Types of Facility Management Services and How to Use Them

The need for facility management services is on the rise. Forecasters predict that businesses will spend an additional $660 billion on these services during 2021-2025.

A company's facilities and their upkeep are important for the smooth running of daily activities. They also set the tone for employees, the customer experience, and visitors.

Managing facilities and teams of employees in-house can be a daunting and time-consuming task. Outsourcing your facilities management can be cost-effective and efficient.

Need to learn more? Discover how facility management services can benefit your business by working with a national leader in this market.

Facilities Management Explained

Whether your business is a medical facility, school, or office campus, your facilities reflect who you are. They make a strong first impression on staff, customers, and visitors.

Managing facilities requires a professional approach. It involves many services to work together within a defined space. Some key services include:

●      The management of the building: interior and exterior maintenance

●      Landscaping

●      Office maintenance such as HVAC and plumbing

●      Cleaning and disinfection

●      Electrical and lighting

●      Security

●      IT Services

Unreliable HVAC, an overgrown lawn in summer, plumbing problems, or littered premises give off the wrong first impression.

If you are finding it difficult to keep on top of all the elements involved in your facility management, it is time to look at outsourcing it to a proven partner.

Benefits of Facility Management Services

Discovering a problem early and concentrating on prevention methods rather than costly fixes can save you money while reducing inefficiencies. It also allows your facilities to run more effectively for your tenants and staff. Here are some benefits of hiring a facility management service company:

●      Your facilities are maintained and managed by experts

●      It is cost-effective. Detection and prevention of problems occur sooner

●      Increases the value of your business asset. Having a well-maintained building boosts its value

●      Streamlines the process. Seasonal landscaping maintenance and upkeep services are provided according to well managed plans

●      Health and Safety Requirements are met and updated

●      Reduced stress and pressure on the business owner

Poor facilities management often has a negative impact on employee morale and retention. This study revealed that an unhappy employee can cost a business anything from $3,400 to $10,000 every year.

Having well-managed facilities can also:

●      Showcase your company's values and ethos

●      Increase productivity

●      Maintain a high retention rate of staff. They know what to expect, and they feel valued

●      Increase the staff's awareness of their surroundings and pride in helping to maintain them

●      Increase in building sustainability: this lowers your running costs and increases efficiency

Expertise in Managing Facilities

OpenWorks has decades of facility management experience in areas from healthcare to education, schools, warehouses, office buildings and many more.

Our facility management services range from commercial cleaning and disinfection to plumbing, landscaping, pest control, and electrical services.

We are an Inc Magazine 5000 company and have been recognized as one of the fastest-growing organizations for the past three years. We are a company with a 99% customer retention rate across 50 states with over 5,500 customers.

Get an estimate and let our qualified team of people take your facility management to a level that your business will be proud of.

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