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Facility Management as a Profit Protector in the Food and Beverage Industry

Many view facility management it as a cost center rather than a profit protection center. How can you shift your view to protect yourself?

How to Find Hidden Risks in Your Food and Beverage Manufacturing Facility That Can Lead to Recalls or Supply Chain Disruptions (CHECKLIST INCLUDED)

Download and use this customized checklist to identify where your facilities have risks to keep your supply chain and finances safe.

The State of Food and Beverage Facility Management and How the Industry Can Fix It

With the food and beverage industry "cautiously optimistic" about the future, recalls from the FDA will continue. How can the industry protect itself?

Meet Cinthia Chavez, Business Owner and Problem Solver

Meet OpenWorks Franchisee, Cinthia Chavez. Find out how she has become incredibly successful and gained an incredible amount of knowledge in her journey of business ownership.

The State of Cold Storage Facility Management and How The Industry Can Fix It

Risk enters your cold storage warehouse and supply chain daily. And, that risk is destroying the entire marketplace. Learn the truth about how facility management is responding to the state of the cold storage industry and how to stay relevant.

Are Your Facilities a Bottleneck in Your Supply Chain Operations? (Checklist included)

Check out this helpful and quick 5-Minute assessment to see if your facilities are adding risk.

Registering as a Minority-Owned Business or Getting a Diversity Status

As an entrepreneur, you can maximize your business's potential by registering as a Minority Owned Business or applying for Diversity Status. Find out if you qualify and how to get started!

Rev Up Savings and Reduce Cost with These 7 Warehouse Upgrades

These seven upgrades can be made to your warehouse to help reduce costs and rev up savings.

Facility Management Data: Unlock Your Inner Business Genius!

Being a facility manager is no small role to take on. You are responsible for the smooth operations of a business. What can give you insight? Data.

Why Commercial Cleaning and Facility Management Businesses are Terrific Opportunities For Women

As the working world continues to change due to economic pressures and technological advancements, find out how you can make yourself bulletproof.

Boost the Bottom Line: 3 Steps to Turn Energy Drains into Cost Savings

As a business owner or facility manager, you know that every penny counts. Here are simple ways to turn some of your energy drains into energy savings.

Revitalizing Your Workspace: 7 Ways to Boost Productivity in Your Hybrid Office

Are you finding yourself frustrated with hybrid work? It's great for office employees, but could throw a wrench in your facility management schedule. Find out how to make it work better.

You Don’t Have to Beware of “The Rise of The Robots”

Robots in the workplace are here. While the "Rise of the Robots" has become front-page news, worry not about being replaced.


As part of an overarching effort to sharpen its focus, OpenWorks added strength to its leadership team.

The Invisible Impact of Facility Maintenance

Facilities management is sometimes an unseen and thankless job. But, when you have hired the best outsourced FM company, you can be sure things will be kept running smoothly.

Is Your Facility Management Organization Adding Overhead By Using a Lower-Cost Cleaning Provider?

When choosing a facility management company, gauge the maturity of the organization in order to make a solid decision.

A Prescription for Success: Why Hiring a Facilities Management Company is Vital for Healthcare Clinics

While clinic workers juggle compliance, safety, and the day-to-day, a facilities management company is a necessary partner for success in health care.

3 Ways to Harness the Internet of Things Right Now

Whether you manage one office, a single building, or an entire portfolio of properties, you need the Internet of Things. Here are three ways you should be using the Internet of Things (IoT) right now.