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7 Facility Management Strategies to Practice ESG

With IFMA (International Facility Management Association) adopting an ESG model that highlights the environmental, social, and governance considerations of FM, companies are feeling the pressure to adopt sustainable practices. By following an ESG model, all workers in the FM space can become good citizens regarding sustainability. Here are 7 ways to start embracing ESG.

Risky Business: How relying on in-house FM services increases costs, raises liability, and opens the opportunity for a future reduction in force

Looking to insource your facilities management or janitorial team? Be sure to weigh the options before you make a move.

Helping Topgolf Maintain a Competitive Advantage with a Culture of Cleanliness to Drive Results

OpenWorks is the commercial cleaner of choice at a number of Topgolf locations. Learn how we work with Topgolf to ensure a fun-filled day of golf and family experiences.

Small Business Support with OpenWorks

Small business owners are doing more than living their dreams. They're running the show. And sometimes that requires some help.

The Future of Sustainable Facility Management: Key Trends to Watch

Commercial building and facilities management is a key driver of sustainability in businesses around the world. As the world continues to fight a changing climate, sustainability will become more important. Here are some key things that truly can make a difference.

The State of Childcare, PreK, and K-12 Education and How Facilities Management Can Help

When it comes to childcare and education in the United States, what comes to mind? Dollar signs? A shortage of teachers and caretakers? Parent frustration? What if you learned that a facilities management approach can help the current situation? It's true. Find out more!

School Cleanliness: Tips for Creating a Cleaning Plan That Suits Your School

Schools must, without a doubt, be cleaned and disinfectant on a daily, sometimes hourly, schedule. But how do you create a plan and stick to it? Find out how to get a handle on cleaning your school so well, even parents will love it!

5 Crucial Student and Teacher-Focused Reasons for Keeping a School Professionally Clean

Keep your educational facility is a must. In fact, its not just hygienic, it's conducive to learning and better test sores. If you need more motivation, here are 5 reasons kids and teachers THRIVE in clean.

How to Find Hidden Risk That Impacts Childcare Centers, Pre-K and High Schools, Kids, Staff, and the P&L (CHECKLIST INCLUDED)

There are risks everywhere in any facility. But finding them in a school or daycare is especially important. Find out how to improve your school and save money.

The State of Residential Property Management and How Facility Management Can Help

Although rents are increasing, tenant satisfaction is decreasing. Renters are unsatisfied with their complexes' facility maintenance and community feel. Hiring an FM company can help greatly.

How to Find Hidden Risk That Drives Away Tenants, Impacts Communities, and Hurts the P&L (CHECKLIST INCLUDED)

Even if you don't hear your tenants complaining or you think everything is "fine" with your facility management, no noise is not a good sign. Behind that silence, lies risk. Find out what to do.

6 Steps for Improved Tenant Retention by Decreasing Churn and Increasing Residential Property Value

Property managers are cautiously optimistic about the future. But those who live in residential communities aren't thrilled. Find out how to decrease churn.

A Step-By-Step Guide for Choosing Commercial Cleaning and Facility Management Services for Healthcare Facilities

If you're in charge of a healthcare clinic, you know how vital it is that you find a cleaning crew and facility management company focused on patient care, too. Here's how to find the best one for you.

Are You Getting the Janitorial Service Your School Deserves? How to Tell

Studies have shown that about 60 percent of parents believe their children are exposed to too many germs at school on a regular basis. About 50 percent of parents also admit to packing lunch for their kids every day because they don't think the cafeteria at their child's school is clean enough. You don't want this for your school! Here's what to do.

How to Find Hidden Risk in Your Healthcare Facility (CHECKLIST INCLUDED)

Download this helpful and eye opening checklist to see how much risk your facility and current service providers are adding to your daily operations by putting patients' lives are at risk.

The State of Healthcare Facility Management, Why Infections Are on the Rise, and How the FM Industry Can Help Fix it.

As healthcare becomes more complex, so does the management of its facilities. But, the ultimate goal remains steadfast: treat patients with warmth and safety. Due to an inability to view FM as a partner, more people are getting sick. It's time to shift our thinking.

How Aggregators Put Healthcare Facilities at Risk and How to Consolidate Facility Management Services Effectively

As healthcare gets more complex, so does the management of healthcare buildings. One answer is for leaders to hire low-cost aggregators. However, beware! A facility treating patients requires so much more oversight. Read on.

Facility Management as a Profit Protector in the Food and Beverage Industry

Many view facility management it as a cost center rather than a profit protection center. How can you shift your view to protect yourself?