ACCO Engineered Systems

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December 29, 2017
Customer Success Stories

ACCO Engineered Systems has designed, installed and maintained mechanical projects for owners and buildings since 1934. From fabrication, maintenance and refrigeration and plumbing, ACCO is an employee-owned family of companies with a wealth of experience.


Find a Service Provider with Excellent Customer Service SkillsACCO Engineered Systems was in search of a facilities service provider that would not only be able to complete the tasks at hand, but would also provide excellent customer service.


Calling OpenWorksACCO made the decision to switch service providers, and called OpenWorks in order to see if we were able to deliver the results they wanted for their facility.


Valued Customer ServiceACCO Engineered Systems is very happy with the customer service skills of their OpenWorks team - they value our commitment to excellent customer service and consider this a real strength for OpenWorks. ACCO would gladly recommend OpenWorks to a business associate or friend.

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